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No. Operas have been written in virtually every language.

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Q: Are all operas in Italian
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Where did the word 'soprano' come from?

Italy: Italian Operas.

Italian and German opera characteristics?

Italian operas are either opera buffa or opera seria. opera buffa is a comedy. opera seria is a drama. Italian operas often have Bel canto. it means beautiful singing. all i know for German operas are that its very emotional. its not always beautiful, it may sound ugly. sorry that's all i know for Germany. hope that helps.

Where does the word soprano come from?

Italian operas

What languages are spoken in operas?

Most opera are sung in Italian, but there are some French and German operas as well.

What is the difference between Italian French and English operas?


Mozart operas are written in the composer's native German as well as in?

Mozart composed operas in German and Italian. Don Giovanni, Le nozze di Figaro, and Così fan tutteare three of his most popular Italian operas.

What types of operas are there?

There's the Italian operas, the German, the French, the Russian, and still operas in other languages. The Italian operas are considered the most melodic and passionate; the German (which includes Wagner and Strauss) the most musically advanced the French the most elegant and "pretty", and the Russian grand and spectacular, though these descriptions are very general. There are some very grand Italian operas, some gorgeous French operas, some German operas which are so rich in orchestral texture and so vocally "over the top" that they can be almost a transfiguration. Each opera stands on it's own.

What language is Tosca performed?

As in the majority of operas it is performed in Italian.

What different languages have been used for opera?

Operas can be written in any language, but most great western operas are in Italian, German, or French, though there are some great English and Russian works. Those five languages should cover the most common opera repertoire, but lots of contemporary operas are being written in less common languages, even Klingon and Esperanto, or even a mix of languages.

What has the author Paul England written?

Paul England has written: 'Favorite operas by Italian and French composers' -- subject(s): Operas, Stories, plots 'Fifty favorite operas' -- subject(s): Operas, Stories, plots

What did Puccini Giacomo write music for?

Puccini was an Italian composer of operas.

Why were many opera's written in italien?

Italian composers write operas to Italian texts, just as German composers write them to German texts, and so on. Opera was invented in Italy, so many of its composers were Italian. There are operas in almost every language.