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series 2 episode 1

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im not sure
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the visitors

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Q: What episode is it when lily falls of the roof in Tracy beaker returns?
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What is the episode called on Tracy beaker returns when tee falls out of the tree?

It is called By The Book

What is the real name of lily in Tracy beaker returns?

She falls off a roof, because she doesnt want to be fostered by the Perrys' then she ends up living with Cam. Then her dad turns up and he's not allowed to see him. She follows him back to his B&B and then he is going to be fostered by him one day.

What genre is Tracy beaker?

"The Story of Tracy Beaker" is a children's comedy-drama television series that falls under the genre of family, drama, and comedy. It follows the life of a young girl living in a care home.

Why Did Kitty push Tee and Tracy over in Tracy Beaker Returns?

beccause dennis framed kitty then rick throw something out then pushes tracy over on the stairs broke her wrist kitty is overwelmed falls into depression also the fireworks too loud for her thanks amaya fan biggest fan of all you

What gravity falls episode does gideon come back for revenge?

gideon returns in: little dipper

How does Lily kettle from Tracy Beaker fall off the roof?

In "The Story of Tracy Beaker," Lily Kettle falls off the roof while trying to retrieve a bird's nest. The accident happens when Lily loses her balance and slips while climbing.

What happens in series 2 of Tracy beaker returns?

In series 2 of Tracy Beaker Returns, we see Tracy dealing with the challenges of being a care worker at the Dumping Ground. The series focuses on the relationships between the children at the home and the struggles they face, as well as Tracy's own personal growth and development. Themes of friendship, belonging, and resilience are prevalent throughout the series.

Why does Damon return to mystic falls?

he returns to get Katherine out of the tomb.

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When poured into water glycerol also a liquid falls to the bottom of the beaker

What episode on Yumeiro Patissiere does ichigo fall into the water?

The episode on Yumeiro Patissiere when Ichigo falls into the water is episode 15.

What is next episode of gravtiy falls?

Gideon rises

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