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your pregnant, DUHH.

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Q: Your stomach is really tight under your belly button It is also growling a lot It is not time for your period yet your boyfriend and you have had sex for almost three weeks unprotected What should you?
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Why does your stomach?

BECAUSE YOU'RE HUNGRY. Yes, but here's more on that. the almost empty stomach is allowing gas to accumulate, when this gas enters the intestine it can make a gurgling or growling sound, even when you are not hungry this can happen deeper down in the intestine, it is why sometimes you stomach can make a noise even without you being hungry.

I had unprotected sex 6 7 8 days after the start of my period. 11 or 12 days after the unprotected sex I have lower back pain mild stomach cramps like gas and feel slightly bloated. Concerns?

These symptoms are almost certainly not from pregnancy. More likely, you have some other problem for which you could seek medical advice.

What is a bloated stomach?

When you are very full and have to much gas in your stomach. Almost like your about to explode.

How long does sperm live inside the stomach?

Stomach acid kills the sperm almost immediately.

You are 50 years you have your period normally. Can you be pregnant?

Almost any woman who has periods can get pregnant (assuming they have unprotected sex).

Where should you go to hang out with your almost boyfriend?

the movies

Can you sue your wifes boyfriend?

Certainly, you can sue almost anyone for almost anything. The trick is winning.

2001 Pontiac gtp when you are drivng there is a noise almost like grinding growling noise but if you turn the wheel to the left the noise almost goes away?

It sounds like your bearings. it sucks cause they are REALLY expencive to replace..

How can I be a good boyfriend So me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost 2 months and I want to know how I can be the best boyfriend I can Please help BTW I am 12 almost 13?

Be yourself.

Can basil cause diarrhea or upset stomach?

From past experiences it has almost always upset my stomach in a bad way.

Where can you look for a boyfriend?

almost any where try the internet or in the mall

What does it mean when you and your boyfriend fight almost everyday about another guy?

when you and your boyfriend fight about another guy that is either insecurity or jealousy