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You mean your parents won't give you your phone back?

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in 4 days

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Q: Your parents want give your phone back?
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How do you convice your parents to give you your phone back when your grounded from it?

Ask nicely or do something for them maybe they just want to talk to u for one minute

How do you get your parents to give back your phone?

You try to follow there rules and respect them so they knew you learned your lesson, but it kinda depends on what u did to make them do that, u might want to add that in your question.

If your parents told you no cell phone intell you learned your lesson and really want one what do you do?

Go to your classes, especially english, and you might get your phone back.

Has Victoria Justice came to Australia?

no. but if you want i can give you her phone number so you guys can go back and forth

How do get your parents to buy you a phone?

If you want your parents or guardian to buy you a phone all you have to do is give them some reasons why they should get you one and tell them you promise to keep your grades up and then when you're in the mall point out the phone you want if you see it. Another alternative is to get a job, earn the money for the phone, and give the money to your parents to get them to buy you the phone. Depending on what type of phone you want, the service contract for the phone often costs more than the phone itself. Ask for one for your birthday or for Christmas.

Do kids really need cell phones?

it is not necessary but it is a safety precaution and parents want their kids to be safe so it is all up to the parents. Phones are good for socialization. Kids also would want to talk to friends. If ur child wants a cell phone ask them to write a paper on why they should et a phone. If you feel they are responsible then give them one.When I was a kid I wrote an essay about getting a phone my parents loved it.

How do you make your parents give you whatever you want?

the friwend

Can a ten year old have a cell phone?

If the parents want to get him one then yes, they can.

I know this girl and she does want to talk to me by phone I asked for her but her parents won't let her give it to me and she has mine how do i get passed the parents?

RESPECT her parents is the first thing !!! Think about what reasons her parents might give for saying no. Have you talked to her parents about seeing this girl ? Show them that you are serious and they might listen to you ! Have you asked her parents if you could spend time with her to talk ? (instead of on a phone) ? Also... is there a reason her parents don't like you ? Before you get in a huff, try to look at the WHOLE situatin from her, herparents, and your point of view. Hope this Helps !!! Sincerely, a fellow teen, Bethany Well really maybe there parents have a reason for not giving you that persons phone number. Maybe she'll give you her e-mail address and you guys can communicate from there. A relieable teen, Madi

Sould you give your phone number to a past boyfriend?

only if you want too dont give it to him if you dont want to talk to him

How do i go back to my biological parents that want me.?

Turn 18.

How do you make your parents to get you a text phone?

The best way is to ask them for one politely. They may say no and give you a reason. On the other hand hey may say no but give you one for Christmas now that they know you want one.

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