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Can implantation bleeding be heavy until you need napkins? Btw the spotting of brownish blood contains clots, can implantation bleeding consists of clots?

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2008-07-28 03:45:48
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Q: Your girlfriend had a brown and pinkish spotting one day before a heavy flow of bleeding menstruation Is it normal The bleeding for day one is quite heavy and then turn to moderate in day 2 and 3?
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If you went through a super plus tampon within a few hours can it still be pregnancy spotting?

No, spotting means light bleeding such as pink or brown discharge - heavy bleeding suggests menstruation, although it is possible to bleed during pregnancy if you are bleeding when menstruation was due then it is likely menstruation.

What does spotting before period means?

Spotting is light bleeding, if it is occuring before menstruation it is just the start of menstruation - lighter menstrual flow mixing with discharge, then as your period gets underway the bleeding becomes heavier and becomes normal menstrual flow.

If you are spotting a week before your period what does that mean?

This is just your body preparing for menstruation. Menstruation is triggered by the drop in progesterone, as the levels of progesterone drop the uterus starts to shed - starting with very light bleeding, that then gets heavier as the levels of progesterone continue to drop. Spotting is normal during menstruation.

What else causes a woman to bleed besides menstruation?

Many things can cause a woman to bleed besides menstruation. Some types of birth control can cause abnormal bleeding or spotting. Sometimes sexual intercourse can cause some spotting or light bleeding. Stress has been known to postpone or trigger menstruation. The safest way to deal with a problem like this, though, is to see a doctor. There are several adverse things that can cause bleeding also and it is best to find the reason why there is abnormal bleeding to make sure there is nothing wrong or to correct it if there is.

When will menstruation occur after taking yasmin with out 7 days rest period?

If you take Yasmin continuously, you will get withdrawal bleeding when you get to the next rest period. You may also have unexpected spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

Is spotting after your period a sign of pregnancy?

No, clearly if you menstruated you're not pregnant. Spotting after menstruation may be the end of menstruation or mid-cycle spotting as a result of hormonal changes and/or ovulation.

How much blood do spotting release?

It should be just as the name goes 'spotting' if it looks like your normal menstruation bleeding then it is something to worry about because it could be a sign of something much worse than normal.

Is menstruation during pregnancy normal?

Spotting or a light period is normal. If you are bleeding heavily or for more than a few days I would contact you obstetrician to be safe

Does a very light period mean pregnancy?

Menstruation is not possible during pregnancy - however light bleeding may be misaken for menstruation when actually it could be implanatation bleeding or spotting due to hormonal changes. If you suspect pregnancy take a pregnancy test, this is the only way to know for sure.

Why did you only have a light period for 1 day?

Chances are that if a woman has only had light bleeding for one day that this wasn't menstruation, instead it could have been spotting as a result of other hormonal changes in the body - for example many women experience spotting during ovulation. If menstruation was due on this day then the light bleeding could have been menstruation, however there wasn't enough of a change in hormone levels to experience a normal period - this can be completely normal if you're in your teens.

How can you tell when your starting your period?

You can tell when you're starting your period because you start to see vaginal bleeding - spotting which is brown or pink discharge, or a full bleed. Not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation but it's typically safe to assume this is the cause of vaginal bleeding.

What if some brownish stuff comes out of your virgina a week after your period?

This brownish stuff is known as spotting, and it's perfectly normal. Spotting is just small amounts of blood that mix with discharge, this is normal before and after menstruation as the bleeding starts or as it ends.

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