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She certainly can not get pregnant from swallowing sperm. sperm needs to be ejaculated in the vagina for that to happen.

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Q: Your girlfriend eat your sparm and now she is not getting her period could she be pregnant?
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You came inside your girlfriend on the 2nd day of her period what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

It is possible that she could be pregnant. She needs to take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

Your girlfriend missed her period you have not been active in over two months she got her period in December but not yet and is about 13 days past could she be pregnant?

She could absolutly be pregnant!

Could you still be pregnant if you still are getting your period?


Could one get pregnant while on period and is ovulation possible after getting pregnant?

Very unlikely.

What are the chances of getting pregnant right after your period if your boyfriend came in you?

You could be pregnant - take a test

Could a girl get pregnant without ever getting her period?

Yes, she could. The period is the body's way of getting rid of an unfertilized egg. So there can be an egg prior to the first period.

Could you get pregnant when you've not had a period in two months?

Getting pregnant requires sexual union (or artificial insemination). If you have had either you can get pregnant.

Can my girlfriend be pregnant from this?

The only thing your girlfriend could be pregnant from is unprotected sex.

What is the percentage of a teen getting pregnant 2 weeks after their period?

Ovulation usually begins 12-14 days after your period. It is very likely that your teen could be pregnant.

Say you got your period on the third and it left on the seventh and you had unpotected sex on the 11th could you get pregnant?

there are 100 % chances of you getting pregnant.

You have sore feet cramps gas zits and not feeling well Could you be pregnant or getting your period?

Could be either your period due anytime soon?

Could you be pregnant if period is a day late you have breast tenderness and light cramping?

If you have had sex, then you can be pregnant. However, it sounds more like your body is getting ready to start your period.