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Q: Your girl wants to touch your peinus should you let her?
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How do you touch girl while romancing?

well that depends...on the girl you are with, but usally a gilr wants to be caressed all over on her body. She wants to feel your touch. You should hold her in your arms and kiss her gently. Girls like it when you take your time. Hope this helps

What should a girl do with her hands if she wants a guy to touch her?

Put them bove ur head, and kinda enjoy it. Or wrap them around his neck, that turns him on.

What does it mean if a girl likes to touch her vagina?

She probably wants to get wet or masturbate

What it means when a girl touch a boy's leg with her leg and what should a boy do then if he is interested in that girl?

when a girl touches a guy leg with her legs underneath the table it just means she is interested in you and wants you to notice it.This answers your question whether that girl is interested in you then later you should go and see

What does a girl do with her hands if she wants a guy to touch her?

She will rub your back and hold your hand that means she wants a kiss and put your arm around her

Where should you touch a girl?

the nipples. for sure

What is a older man Intention with a younger girl?

all he wants his to have sex with her and touch her in her danger zone.

What does it mean when a girl says lets stay in touch?

She wants to be friends, but maybe you've not realized this.

What does it mean when a girl looks down a boys pants?

it is illegal to look down girls pants that the girl wants to see his...ARENA...

How do you make a girl touch you?

Making a girl touch you is a form of sexual assault and is illegal and wrong.You should consider asking: How can you convince a woman to want to touch you?

What can you get to a girl of 10 years old for Christmas?

you should get her what she wants she will be happy.its Christmas if your child wants something u should get it for them

How do you tocth girl bra?

You should not touch a girl's bra without her knowledge and permission. If you are not close enough to a girl to ask her how to touch her bra, then you don't need to worry about it.