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Well you should tell your best friend u like him/her and well if she really likes him dont worry bout it relationships dont last very long so youll get ur chance.

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Q: Your crush is your best friend but he is dating someone what should you do?
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Her best friend is dating her crush even though the best friend knew of the crush?

shes really not a best friend if shes going out with her best friend's crush new person! i object wat if she was dating him first then the other best friend got the crush!?

Should I give up if my crush likes my friend when he already knows I like him?

Yes, you should give up if your crush likes your friend. You'll eventually have a crush on someone who feels the same

What to do if your friends with your crush and your crush is dating your best friend?

I say move along , I mean do you want to lose your friendship, there would be other people and you will find that special someone

What do you do when your crush is dating your best friend?

Talk to your friend, if they truly are your friend the two of you will figure it out

What do you do your best friend is dating your crush I'm in 5th grade what do I do?

Talk to your friend first. If he really is your best friend he should be able to understand the situation and figure it out with you.

If your crush is dating someone else should you break them up?

If the said crush is currently happy with the person they are with then no. If you truly care about your crush, you will let them be happy with the person they choose.

How can you tell someone that has a crush on you that you have been dating his best friend?

You have to be straight forward, polite and honest. There is no sense dragging this out or leading anyone on.

Is it cheating if you have a crush?

No, If Your Dating Somebody And Have A Crush On Someone Else Its Not Cheating If Your Kissing Them Or Dating Them At the Same Time That Is Cheating.

Can you have a crush on the person you are dating?

yes. it sounds weird, but its true. technically, a crush is someone you kind of like. if you kind of like the person you are dating, you have a crush on them.

What to do if you like your best friend's crush?

if there is a chance of your friend being with their crush back off if there is not or only a small chance or their crush likes you then tell your friend i told my best friend she was fine with it i mean its only a crush its not like they are actually dating

Why would a girl ask if you are dating someone and who it is you are dating?

She's obviously has a crush on you.

What do you do when you best friend starts dating your biggest crush?

She's not your best friend. Find a new friend.