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Nine days is pretty long for 12 year old girl. When periods are very heavy or you are experiencing "flooding" or passing big clots you have what doctors call menorrhagia. It should have a reason. Discover all possible reasons in recommended related link below.

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Q: Your 12 year old has had her period for 9 days now is that normal?
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Quit birth control now back on it and your period is 4 days late is that normal?

NO it is not

I have my period for 2 weeks now is that normal?

No. Periods generally last 2-7 days1. You may have a hormone imbalance, and although it is not life threatening, please see your doctor or gynecologist for more information and possible treatment.1.

My 12 year old has had her period for 2 months now?

it is definitely okay. that is the normal age to start

You have had your period for 9 days now and im worried?

When i first started my period, mine went on for 9 days now after about my 10th period its gone down to 8 days, its normal for your period to be around 2-10 days. If you really feel its something concerning you, then you could go and see the doctor. My mum has hers for 5 days and my sister has hers for 3 days, its different for everyone! Hope this helped!

Is it normal to have a much lighter period after taking depo shot?

yes it is. I've been on it for 2 months now and my period is basically like 3 days

Is it normal to be 10 days late from your period?

no stewpeds! your pregnant! u better go look for the dad right now!

Is a 32 days of menstrual period normal?

that doesn't sound good, you should definitly go to the doctor right now

You got your period for 6 days then off for 6 days now you have it again and its very painful.Is this normal or should you worry?

Well it isguaranteed not to be normal, i would probably recommend a trip to the gynecologist to get checked out

How many weeks in a lunar year?

Since a leap year has 366 days, there are 52 weeks and 2 days in a leap year. 52 x 7 = 364 A normal year has one less day, 365 days. I AM ANOTHER PERSON NOW. ok the answer is = 52.28514 / for a leap year & 52.177457 / for a normal year :)

I haven't had a period in 3 months now it has been on for seven days is that normal?

It depends how old you are. If you are young, and just got your first period not too long ago, then that is normal, if you have had it for a long time, talk to your doctor.