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I have three Hy-Score Questions that have been in the Question pool for quite some time. I have found them to be amongst the hardest questions to find an answer. I use several Air gun Bluebooks and the web to locate information when answering questions about Air guns. The problem with HY-Score is there is very little information available ANYWHERE. I do know that HY-Sore did make several pistols themselves and apparently the rifles were made by other manufactures like Diana (Of Germany), Hammerli, Baikal, Fabrigue and others. These manufactures put the Hy-Score name on the rifles, some even had the original name on them. My reference books only list 8 different pistols and NO rifles at all, The books just say everybody else made rifles for Hy-Score. Not all of the pistols are even listed.

The Company started in 1933 in Brooklyn, NY and ended in 1980 with the death of Steve Laszio, the owner. It was then moved to England under the Phoenix Arms Co. name in 1989 but disappeared soon afterwards.

So at this time I cannot give you an estimate of value because I have nothing to go by. I suggest you check Firearms resellers on the web like Gunsamerica, they sell used air guns or check other sites like them.

07/10/2014: Your question says BB Gun. Are you sure it's not a pellet rifle. If so I may have an answer for you. Please answer.

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Q: You would like to know the aprox value of a hy-score model 813 bb gun in excellent condition would be?
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