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Just wait until she's ready. Don't pressure her, or she might not want to date you anymore.

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Q: You want to see your girlfriend naked but she is to selfconsous what should you do?
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Is it okay to sleep naked with your mom?

No, if your mom wants you to sleep naked with her she is doing bad things. You should tell a teacher, or a police person. They will get her get the help she needs. It is never OK for mom or dad to ask you to sleep naked with them. No adult should want you to sleep naked with them ever. Unless if she is a MILF and the last part where" No adult should want you to sleep naked with them ever" if my adult Girlfriend wants me to sleep naked with her i will and get some

Dose Nat from the Naked Brothers Band want another girlfriend?

sorry hes dating me!!!!!!!!!!!!yeahhh.

How do you want your girlfriend to be?

You should accept her for who she is and you want her to be herself.

Should you kiss your girlfriend?

If she want you to... ;)

What should you do if you want to be naked?

Take a shower, with clothes off.

Why should a guy have a girl friend?

A guy doesn't have to have a girlfriend. If you want to that's ok. Nobody should have to force you or say that you should have a girlfriend. It's YOUR choice.but if you want to have sex than you should have a girl friend.

You want your x girlfriend back in your lifewht should you do?

You should do something nice for her that you want her back.

Is it normal if you want to be naked and why is it normal to want to be naked?

Yes, it is.

What is it called when you and your girlfriend lay in bed 2gether naked anddo stuff but you dont put ure penis in there vagina?

you just want to see their body

Why do i want to sleep cuddled up with my girlfriend both naked without intercourse at 14?

Your getting to that age where your wanting to cuddle. It's fine to cuddle but not naked... Prob better to just cuddle in boxers for you and bra and underwear for your girlfriend. I cuddle with my boyfriend almost naked all the time but you might wanna get a little older to cuddle naked. Wait till your 16 or 17 or when your comfortable enough. I hope my answer is helpful. Enjoy x].

What should you do if your girlfriend does not want to take the step?

Respect her decision

Should you have a girlfriend at age 11?

no. you should not have a girlfriend at age 11. You are too young and you will have no idea of what to with her. plus you don't want to get syphalitusaids