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wait three days. or flush the hell out of your system, meaning drink a lot of water. cranberry juice is also good to flush with.

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2009-01-07 12:39:21
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Q: You took heroin how can you past a urine test?
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If water is mixed in urine of pregnant woman it give positive result or not?

yes the test will still pop up positive even with little amount of urine. im 4 weeks and tried it. mixed water and urine and took a test. took a minute or so but it popped up positive

Can both a urine and blood pregnancy test be wrong?

Yes. When I was pregnant with my daughter I took 2 urine tests and a blood pregnancy test all through my doctor's office and they were all negative. I was told I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. The only way I found out I was pregnant was via ultrasound.

Does dettol work as pregnancy test?

I have tried the test the first time it was milky white (negative) and I wasn't pregnant I did a urine test after. The second time I got an oily film at the top (positive) I took a pregnancy the next day it was positive 6 weeks and counting! :)

Ive had no period for 1 year took pregnancy tests have been negative For the past years you have experienced bad pains in stomach and vagina and have dark urine with strong odor?

GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! are you nuts? that could be cancer..jeez

You took a home pregnancy test and it showed an open book what does this mean please?

Sometimes there can be an error during the test that can affect the result. A picture of an open book is common on the Clearblue digital readout, and it is caused by not laying the test kit on a flat surface or when testing the absorbent tip wasn't facing downwards. It could also mean that too much or too little urine was used for the test.

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What can help with a negative urine drug test?

H,i my name is Derrick , i took a drug test ,the lab called me for another test . my urine was watery ..will eating lean beef with B-2 and lots of water help me past.

How long does quinine stay in urine?

used heroin and took a test 63 hours later and was negative for quinine, take advice from users not the people who read sheet in books.

Can they tell if you took heroin or oxycodone in hair folical test?


Can you pass a swab test if a took heroin yesterday?

nope because you took it yesterday and it is still in your body

How do past a mouth drug test if you took medication?

Go to a head shop and ask for synthetic urine. They do not put it out in public but if you ask them they will sell it to you.

If You took one morphine pill 12 hours before a urine test will it show on the urine test?

Yes it will.

Will norco show up in a urine test?

i took 2 norcos in 4 days i have urine test will it show up

What does heroin test positive for?

Heroin. Actually, there's seldom much interest in distinguishing which specific opioid drug you took, so heroin, opium itself, and morphine all test as pretty much the same thing.

You took a lortab and then took a urine test the next day will you pass?

Yes, but you must first tell them that you took the pain medicine before the urine test. Lortab is usually prescribed for dental pain.

Will you pass your urine test if you took MDMA 14 days before the test?


If you took a urine test 6days ago after snorting cocaine will pass?

will pass a urine test after snorting cocaine 6days ago

I took a drug urine test at work what will tylenol4 and tramadol show on this urine test?

It will show codeine... and it will show that you abuse drugs.

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