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you could very well be pregnant. The pill you took might guarantee non pregnancy but those pills are not 100% effective also u very well could not be pregnant...that is what the pill is for.

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Q: You started the pill for the first time 4 days after your period ended 2 days later your boyfriend and you had unprotected sex he came inside you an you were in your most fertile time are you pregnant?
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Can a 13 year old get pregnant with out any?

A thirteen year old girl can get pregnant if she has started ovulating and has unprotected sex.

New to pill first week can you get pregnant if you started the pill on day your period ended which only lasted day and half and cycles that ain't regular and missed a pill day after unprotected sex?

if you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant. Period.

If you started your period on the 16th of march and had unprotected sex on the 21 of march and you just found out you were pregnant on the 21 of April how many weeks pregnant does this make you?

4 weeks pregnant

Can you get pregnant when your 12?

yes it is possible, if you have started your period& have had unprotected sex

Why are you bleeding 9 days before your actual period?

Ive been having unprotected sex.. my last period was may 23rd but i started bleeding April 15. But it only lastest for 2 days and it wasnt constant blood flow more like when i wiped or on my pantiliner it was brown and stretchy and red then pink then brown day before i started this i had unprotected sex and my boyfriend ejaculated in me he has before but tests results say negative and this started in Jan can i be pregnant this time?

Your boyfriend and you had protected sex and the next day you started feeling period symptoms are you pregnant?

user-generated content: report abuse= Your boyfriend and you had protected sex and the next day you started feeling period symptoms are you pregnant? =

If you had unprotected sex and started your period the morning after is there anyway that you could have gotten pregnant you also had unprotected sex the week before?

Yes. Your body isn't clockwork perfect, so rhytm methods are notoriously unreliable. Out of women using them instead of contraceptives 19% will get pregnant within a year.

Your period usually last 5 daysthis week it lasted 2 and you had unprotected sex the day before it started is this normal?

You probably just worried. It doesn't show that fast if you are pregnant. well, your supposed to get pregnant during your period (if unprotected sex)and it does stop when that happens..... mabye you should get a test

What if you had unprotected sex and he cumed in you but you started your period and your having pregnancy symptoms are you still pregnant?

If your period began after you had sex you are not pregnant. Please use a condom next time - for your sake, for your health. Having your period is nature's way of cleaning up (getting rid of your unfertilized eggs, etc.) Then the process repeats, getting you ready, making you fertile - waiting -- then cleaning up again.

Even though you have started the pill could you be pregnant?

Yes, you can still become pregnant even if you started your birth control pills. You should wait to have unprotected sex for at least 1-2 months to be sure that your body has adapted to the hormones, and to be sure that you are protected from pregnancy.

Is it possible if you had unprotected sex three days before your period could you be pregnant you started your period though just wondering if possible since your period was so close when you had sex?

Anytime you have sex, period or no, you can get pregnant.

I started taking birth control when i wasnt on my period will it still work?

I started one week late, taking the pill.. I had unproctected sex during the first 6 days.. as I was told that you can't get pregnant the first 6 days after your period.. so I started the pill the following Sunday & continue to have unprotected sex... Can I get pregnant???