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yes tell the person how you feel because you never know is he is feeling the same way but to shy like you to say anything so he might be waiting for you.

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Q: You really like this guy should you tell him that you like him?
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What should you do if you like a guy but you drop hints and he doesnt get them?

Tell him that you really like him.

I am a junior guy and i really like a freshman guy but i don't know if he likes me what should i do?

Tell the person

If you have a guy friend that you really like and he thinks that you are just friends what should you do?

====== ====== You should tell him how you feel

Should you tell this guy you really like that you like him?

Yes you should because if you keep it from him he will never like you and you will now what he thinks.

What do you do if your friend tells a guy who you like?

If you really like him, you should just tell him, really you can't hide in the shadows forever.

How do you tell a guy you don't like them nicely without punching them up?

you tell them there a really nice guy but you dont really like them

Should you ever tell a guy you don't like them when you really do?

only if you know he won't appreciate you telling him you like him(in other words if he doesn't like you), otherwise, why would you tell a guy you don't like him...

I really like this guy but i don't know if he likes me what should i do?

tell him if he laughfs hes not worth it

What if you barely talk to the guy you really like and you really want to tell him you really like him?

You should just go for it. Taking a risk never hurts anyone.

There is this guy I really like but he hangs out with my ex and me and my ex are on good terms but I still don't know if this guy will go out with me. What should i do?

You should go to that guy and tell him that you like him.That's what I did when i had relationship problems.You should just ask him out.But if u really want him to like you should do something for him and you should try to break'em up

You really like a guy but hes a girlfriend who happens to be your bff but hes been really flirty with you what should you do?

You should tell your best friend that he's been flirting with you, and just try to get over the guy.

You really like this guy and he might like you back should you tell him you like him?

simple answer:yes.if ur in middle school the guy will automatically like u back and that's where u ask him out. this is coming from a guy.