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You can find them on eBay if you search "Japanese Bakugan cards" or "Japanese bakugan".

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Q: You have some Japanese bakugan cards what website can you translate the cards?
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I just got some Chinese bakugan and Chinese bakugan cards. Does anyone know where I can find a site to translate the cards.?

What is a good website to sell bokugan cards?

Bakugan. or

What type of cards are in the game Bakugan?

In Bakugan there are Gate cards and lots of ability cards like character cards and other ability cards. So those are what kind of cards are in Bakugan.

What are the instructions for Bakugan Brawl?

You either have to buy a starter kit or battle kit or you can go to the official website and look up instructions and it will give you step by step instructions on how to play about the cards and everything else you need to know about the game. ___ The website has demos and you can download the official rulebook as well.

How many Bakugan cards are in the box if you buy Bakugan battle pack 6?

12 total. 6 gate cards and 6 ability cards. By bakugan master, jezza

What are the ability cards in Bakugan?

cards that raises the gs of your bakugan Silersun4: That is really not true. Bakugan Ability cards are able to affect g's of either bakugan, but also can affect how you roll, the gate cards, other ability cards, bakugan in you and your oponants used and unused pile, and also some can take out other bakugan instantly I think, my friend does that to me. well actually cards like that usually take all bakugan on the field like clean slate ability card

In Bakugan can you put normal Bakugan on character cards?


Is transformers better than bakugan?

Bakugan are better. Sure they both fold up, but there's a game you can play with Bakugan and Bakugan cards.

Is there a Bakugan ability card d strike?

there is but we cannot print it we might find it in gate cards or series 1 pack of bakugan cards

How many bakugans are there in a Bakugan tinbox?

three bakugan But if you play NEW VESTROIA RULES ther is a thing called THE BIG GAME. you can have 6 bakugan, 6 ability cards, and 6 gate cards! Bakugan master

What are the last 2 awards in the Bakugan the video game for DS?

all cards and all bakugan

How do you get the last two medals in bakugan battle brawlers for dsi?

just get all Bakugan and cards