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This happens in the first 1 to 3 months for many woman, it is called break through bleeding and should stop within a couple cycles, taking the pill every day at the same time may help. If it doesn't stop ask your doctor to try a different pill.

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Q: You have been taking the pill and you have randomly started bleeding?
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If you have been on birth control for a month and a half Started bleeding halfway through your second pack of pills Is this normal?

No. either you haven't been taking the pills regularly enough, or they are too weak for you.

What if you started taking the pill about three weeks ago and you have been on your period or spotting for over a week?

This is called break through bleeding, if it continues talk to your doctor about changing pills.

Does anyone get spotting or light bleeding around ovulation when they have been on Cipralex for like 4 months?

I've been on Cipralex for about a month now and the spotting started soon after I started taking them. Every day there's spotting, not just near ovulation time. Has yours gone away yet?

Been on the pill for 2 years stop taking the pill to fall pregnant but took 4 of the red tablets then stopped now 2 days later have started bleeding is the normal?

Um. I think you may have gonorrhea.

Will St. John's Wort cause breakthrough bleeding?

Both breakthrough bleeding and unwanted pregnancies have been reported when taking oc's and st. john's wort together.

You just started to take the pill and a week later you started to breakthrough bleed and it is on and off and now that you are almost done with the pack how long does breakthrough bleeeding last for?

Hello, Birth control should not cause you to experience withdrawal bleeding UNLESS you have recently stopped taking birth control. Because you've just started taking BCP and you're experiencing withdrawal bleeding, this most likely means the doseage of birth control is not suitable for you or you need a different form of birth control. See your Doctor and meanwhile use a condom for protection until you've got a new birth control and have been taking it for one month.

If you have been feeling like you had the flu and your nose started bleeding for the first time What is wrong with you?

please see a doctor

You have been taking birth control for about 5 months now and you are in the 3rd week and you have all of sudden started to spot darkly this has never happened before what is the cause of this?

It could be break through bleeding. If it continues or gets worse, you need to see your doctor.

You think you ovulated about 2weeks ago and now about 7 days after that you started bleeding and it is still going on now it has been about 9 days Could this be implantation bleeding?

No, sounds like a period

If its been two weeks since you got your wisdom teeth extracted and they recently started bleeding again...What do you do?

Contact your Dentist.

What is breakthrough bleeding when you are on birth control pills?

According to AskDocWeb, breakthrough bleeding is bleeding that occurs during the time that you are taking the active pills, that is, at times other than during the placebo pills. This can occur when you are becoming adjusted to taking the pills for the first time or if you have been off them for a time and are beginning them again. This is usually an adjustment situation and not serious.

I started the pill 16 days ago and have been bleeding ever since for about 15 days off and on. I started the pack 2 weeks after my period started. Am I still adjusting to the pill?

yea I'm on my second month of birth control and i was bleeding the whole first month. I'm on my second week now and it's fine