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you might be pregnant

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2009-02-15 09:10:21
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Q: You have been feeling sick and throwing up almost every time you eat you get sick to your stomach a lot and your body has been sort of achy what is wrong?
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Where should your stomach hurt if your pregnant?

i been feeling a kick in my stomach snd i been feeling sick but i seen my period every month and every time i eat it make me sick

Your 5 year old had stomach cramps vomited early morning then later diarrhea has he got a stomach bug?

Yes but when i get a stomach bug i am throwing up maybe every half hour.

Every time you swallow you get an sore stomach and sometimes you even feel like throwing up in the morning from it why?

what that's a dumb question!

Throwing up after eating every meal?

U probally have stomach bug poisonings 3.Food dye u should not eat no matter what 5.Stomach disorder 6.PooPing

Why are you feeling sick every night with a bad back and stomach pains?

it can mean anything might be pg, your having or starting your period, you might have the flu or stomach flu.

How does laughing help grow abs?

yes because every time you laugh you tighten your stomach muscles and little by little it will grow muscle (that feeling when your laughing and your stomach starts hurting)

You have been feeling sick to your stomach the same time every night for the past 4 days is that considered morning sickness?


Can the rich country help to poor country about finantioal and why?

A rich country can help financially a poor country if there is feeling that all human beings are equal and there is a feeling of brotherhood. Every stomach needs decent respectable food.

Why do women feel ugly during their period?

During a woman's period, her body (specifically stomach) get bloated, plus cramps start in the stomach. With the uncomfortable feeling of the cramps and constant awareness of blood coming out of your crotch every couple of minutes and the bloated stomach, it's hard to feel pretty.

What are the symptoms of depression that set depression apart from sadness?

Fatigue or loss of energy almost every day.Feelings of worthlessness or guilt almost every day.Impaired concentration, indecisiveness.Insomnia or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping) almost every day.Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in almost all activities nearly every day (called anhedonia, this symptom can be indicated by reports from significant others).Restlessness or feeling slowed down.Recurring thoughts of death or suicide.Significant weight loss or gain (a change of more than 5% of body weight in a month).Continuous sadness that does not seem to go away (noticeably different from the occasional down-in-the-dumps feeling).

Every night you get sick to your stomach and have back and stomach pain?


What is the difference between the abdomen and the stomach?

The difference between the abdomen and the stomach is: The abdomen contains all of the parts between the chest and pelvic region. The stomach is an organ of digestion. It has a saclike shape and is located between the esophagus and the intestines. Almost every animal has a stomach. abdomen -> contains the stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, appendix, gallbladder and bladder.

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