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you have to transfer all your songs to iTunes before you send it to repair or restore it.

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Q: You had to restore your ipod and you had bought songs the same day right off your ipod fron the itunes app when you got your ipod touch done restoring your songs wernt on there but everything else was?
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How do you remove a jailbreak?

Go to iTunes and click restore under. It will restore and set everything to how the iPod was original bought.

How can you restore a jailbroken ipod touch without deleting the data?

Go onto itunes click on my documents then click restore ipod and it will ask you if you want to restore your ipod or not click ok then hopefully it should restore your ipod but it will go back to how you found your ipod when you first got it.thankyou,i hope this will work for you!!!

Will restoring your iPod delete cydia?

Yes, if you restore your iPod or iPhone on iTunes it will delete Cydia. The restore function on iTunes restores your iPod or iPhone to its previous settings.

When you restore your iPod does your data stay on your itunes account?

Yes when you restore your iPod all your data will still be on your iTunes Account. As the system is restoring system files and not your media stored on the device or within iTunes.

How do you erase everything on your iPod?

restore it on itunes

When Resoring iPod on iTunes Does it delete everything on iPod and on the iTunes?

When restoring your Ipod Touch the data on itunes doesn NOT get deleted. :D

Will restoring my iPhone get my music back?

Yes,If u have Bought it in itunes u can log in and redownload it at itunes on pc or u idevice

How can you erase everything from an Ipad- I bought a new one and want to give my old one to my son. - how do I erase everything so it looks like new?

Sync your IPad with iTunes. In iTunes, choose your IPad. There should be the button "Restore to Factory Settings". Click that.

How do you get apple logo off of iPod touch gen.2 after restoring error?

Try plugging your iPod into iTunes and if the computer recognizes the device, try and restore it from iTunes.

How do you delete everything on your iPod touch?

restore your ipod touch on itunes

How can you delete everything of your Ipod?

Just go to your iTunes account and click on restore

If you restore your iPod then will all your songs be erased on iTunes?

no. everything from your iPod will be erased, but your itunes will stay the same, so when you sync it again, everything will be on your iPod again