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Nope your not pregnant. Can't be pregnant you had your period. It sounds like you want to be pregnant.

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Q: You had a normal period a couple days after sex and then the next month it was early and not as long you did have a uti can you be pregeant?
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Your period was 5 days early and lasted only two days are you pregeant?

No, you may not be pregnant. This happened to me, but then later on the month it occurred again for the correct amount of time.

Is an early period normal?

no, you have aids

What does it mean if you start your period a week early?

There is not a problem if you start your period a week early. It is completely normal for this to happen.

Is it normal to have a period 5days early at the age of 25years?


Is it normal if you started bleeding heavily the day after your implantation day or have you started your period early?

You may of started your period early. All you can do is wait and see if this turns into a normal period. Or do a pregnancy test in a few days time.

Is it normal to start your period early?

Depends on your age. Your period starts usually from ages 9-16. So it's normal to start early ( whatever that means). But if you don't have your period by the age of 16 then you should consult your doctor.

Is a period that is 2 days early even though it has never been late or early a sign of pregnancy?

If your period was very short and light as well as early there is a possibility that it was an implantation bleed. If your period was normal except that it was 2 days early then it was probably just an early period.

What if you get your period one week early?

What if you get your period one week early, exactly, what if? It simply means that your period is earlier than you predicted, up to a weeks variation from your normal cycle is perfectly normal. Just treat your period as you would normally, no reason to do anything differently.

Is it normal if your period is early?

Yes, a lady can experience her period as early as 8 yrs! For those who have experienced their periods normally for sometime, there can be irregularities leading to an early period which may be due to kind of food intake.

How early after your period will you cramp if pregnant?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but if you've had a normal period with normal flow since your last intercourse you are not pregnant.

Is it normal to spot a day before your period?

It is normal to spot a day before your period and also after your period. However, if spotting starts way too early, you might need to see a doctor.

Can a 5 year old have a period?

It is not normal to get your period that early. If a 5 year old did start her period then it would be recommended that she see a doctor.