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To be totally sure you aren't pregnant when you restart taking hormones that could interfere with a pregnancy test I suggest you use condoms and start taking the pills again on the first day of your next period.

If you regularly forget to take your pills - and who doesn't?- then you might be better off with a different form of contraception. See your doctor. If you are happy taking hormones orally then implants or the contraceptive injection deliver the same stuff over time without the need for daily reminders.

Personally, I really recommend the IUD. It is put inside your uterus, but the modern ones also release hormones to stop you ovulating. So you don't have to think about it at all. The major plus is that most women don't have periods when they've got one so there's no messy sex at that time of the month and you saved a fortune on sanitary ware!

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Q: You finished a 21 day pack birth control pills but forgot to restart the next pack after 7 days It is already 11 days now When should you start again on the pills?
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