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If you fancy a girl at school you should be nice to her. You could ask her to spend time with you.

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Q: You fancy a girl at school what should you do?
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What country is the company called School Girl Fancy Dress based in?

The School Girl Fancy Dress company is based in Europe in the United Kingdom. You can get more information about this company at the Fancy Dress Company UK website.

What should you do if you fancy a boy at school but he has a girlfriend?

You respect their relationship. If you were in the girlfriend's place, how would you want another girl to behave?

Im 13 at a new school and I fancy this girl who always says hello to me and waves at me at the start of lessons we share but is she being playful or does she fancy me too?

yes she does fancy you

How do you get a girl to fancy you?

To get a girl to fancy you, you need to treat her with respect.

What should you do if you are a girl and you fancy another girl?

i no how u feel just tell her and if she reacts in a wired way just egnore her

I fancy a girl they fancy someone else and they fancy someone else what should you do?

Lie to the person you love and say the other person has done something horrid. Then the person you love might break up with them and be your girl/boy freind instead to thank you for telling them.

What do you do when you feel like the most unwanted girl in the school and you fancy someone?

Just be your self! Never tell yourself you're the most unwanted girl in school! That's just rude.... to yourself!

What unique ideas for an animal themed fancy dress party are there?

if it is a girl it should be a aqua dress and if it is a boy it should be a tux.

How should you act around the girl you fancy to show her you are interested and you think she likes you too?

Be super nice and a gentlemen

What are the chances of meeting a girl you fancy?

for me it's 0%; I am a girl.

What does wominizer mean?

wominizer means you fancy a girl if your a girl

What should a girl wear for a school interview?

A girl should wear smart clothes for a school interview (tie, shirt, skirt/dress, school socks/tights and shoes)