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It only takes one little spermy to get the job done. Anytime you have unprotected sex she can end up pregnant.

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Q: You ejaculated in your girl but a lot came out can she still be pregnant?
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Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend ejaculated on her leg besides she is still virgin?

no she can't get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant while a virgin?

yes...yes a girl can the sperm can b ejaculated enough to get her pregnant even with out penetration to the vagina

I scissored my girlfriend. I am a girl and we are lesbians. Can I get pregnant?

no unless she was recently ejaculated into by a guy, you might get a STD but not pregnant

Can you be pregnant if the guy ejaculated inside while the girl is on her period?

simple answer YES!

Will a girl pregnant if you ejaculated sperm on her thigh she washed her thigh immediately after an hour she went to bath will she pregnant?

Highly unlikely

Can a girl be pregnant if the condom didn't break and didn't ejaculated and she is late on her period?

Unless she came in contact with pre-cum that contained sperm, then no. She could be late for a lot of reasons. Her chance of being pregnant is VERY low.

Does a man have to have previously ejaculated in order to get you pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

You can "pre-ejaculte" even if you have never ejaculated before and get a girl prgnant. There is almost always sperm in pre-ejaculate.

Can a girl get pregnant of a small amount of spurm go in her?

Yes, in one small drop of semen there are millions of sperm.

When a girl is ejaculated in then pees does it help to get her pregnant?

If you are asking if you ejaculate in her then SHE pees after that, it makes no difference. If you are asking if you ejaculate in her then YOU pee in her, it would probably decrease the chance of her getting pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if she had her shorts and panties on and the guy had his boxers and shorts on and ejaculated on the girl's shorts?

The answer to this is NO. A girl can only get pregnant IF ejaculate somehow gets into the vagina. If a girl has both shots AND panties on she pretty much should have nothing to worry about if the guy did ejaculate on her shorts.

Can a girl get pregnant if one ejaculated and than took a shower?

if the semen got anywhere near her vagina than there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy bustes on you?

It depends where he came on you.