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dont tell any1 that u like him, never look at him and dont pay attention to him

the last 2 mighht be a bit hard to do, but try, or at least be discreet about it

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You can try to keep your feelings to yourself and maintain a friendly relationship with him. Focus on your own interests and activities to keep your mind occupied. Consider talking to a trusted friend or counselor about your feelings for support and advice.

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Q: You dont want this boy to find out you like him what do you do?
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If you liked a boy for years and he rejects you what do you do to get over him when you dont want to find someone else?

if a boy you liked for years doesnt like you how do you get over him when your in a problem that you dont want anyone but him?

What to do if your friend embarrasses you in front of the boy you like?

then they dont want you to go wit him and they dont want you to be happy

How do ou get a boy to like you?

act like yourself /dont wear make up(coming from a boy we like the true you better we dont want a fake girl)

Who can you get the boy you like to be with you?

all you do is be your self and he will like you i know you dont want to know that but its the truth and you need a boy to like you as you are and not a fake personality!

Haw do you get a boy to like you?

you get a boy to like you by just being you and if he dont like u then its his lost and u dont need him anyway go find someone that you can like connect like seriously

Why do girls name a boy and tease him?

Because they like him and dont want him to know

I really like this boy and want him to ask me out but i dont want it too seem so obvious that i like him What do i do?

You should just be cool about it and dont try and sneek around him and to find out, we find that wierd and cute at the same time.

What do you do when you like a boy a lot and you want to go out with him but you are not allowed to date?

dont tell your parents

How do you try to get a boy to like you?

you cant force them if you really like him tell him but tell him not to tell his firends if you dont want to but if they like you they will tell you but if they dont they might not like like you or there shy

What happens when i like a boy but you do not want to tell him?

He just won't find out you like him

What to tell a boy that likes you and you like him but you dont want to date?

tell him that you like him, but you just don't wanna go out with him.

For some weird reason I am not able to talk to my friends about my crush They dont know that I have a crush on this boy but I think they are figuring it out Why?

they are your friends they are happy for you of cause they will like to find out so they can help if you don't want them to find out don't even look at they boy you like and don't give them any clues who it is