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if breaststroke is done right u can burn many calories it has to be quick like too though. if its just a light swim u wont burn as much

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Q: You can only do breast stroke will that tone you up?
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What Stroke is good to burn love handles and tone up the gluteal muscles?

Breast stroke because it works the sides of your legs and that works its way up to the love handle area.

Are there any drugs creams or exercises to make your breasts smaller?

push up will tone up your breast bone and lift them

Will eating wild Mexican yams help to get bigger breasts?

No. Breast size is determined by heredity. If you increase your caloric intake, you will gain weight and that will increase your breast size. Certain exercises can tone and firm up your body, including your breasts, but the only way to increase cup size is via breast implants.

How is breast stroke done?

first, stretch out your hands in front of you then try forming a circle (up to breast level only, not until your tummy). next, cut the circle by clasping your hands together and while in its clasping position, pushing it forward. do this simultaneously with the frog kick...that's all! hope it's clear enough...

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