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That is hard to say. If she has a boyfriend, she probably won't say if she likes you or not. You shouldn't really pursue her until she is single; things will get complicated otherwise.

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Q: You ask the girl you like out but she has a boyfriend but she says she's flattered does she like me?
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What to reply when my boyfriend says to you I am flattered?

Whatever you said to him to make him feel flattered does not need a reply or, you could say 'You are welcome.'

What does it mean If you tell a guy you like him and he says he is flattered?

that means like you like him but he isn't really in to you but he's flattered that you like him.

If you tell a girl that you like and she says that is cool?

That means that she was a bit startled, but flattered .....don't give up hope...there's a big chance she like's you!

What does it mean when a girl says that she is flattered?

Shes either being sarcastic or shes impressed

Should you stop chasing a girl because she says she has a boyfriend?

if she says that to you, she obviously doesnt like you

What does it mean when you ask a girl out and she says that she is having boy problems but she is flattered is there any chance?

It means no.

Why would the girl you like be jealous of other girls talking to you if she said shes not interested?

Although the girl says she is not interested, she probably still feels flattered that you like her and wants to keep your attention because she is insecure.

What if a man says you flattered him?

Men like compliments, they love the confidence that comes with it.

You like you friend but she has a boyfriend and she says she only likes you as a friend but gets jealous when you're with another girl?

she wants you to still be in love with her, even if she has a boyfriend.

How do you know if a girl you like has a boyfriend?

oh easy you just say to her your boyfriend is lucky if she say yea i gues that means yes if she says what boyfriend or i don't...etc that means no

If you ask a girl out and she doesnt like you but says yes?

If you ask a girl out and she doesn't like you but says yes she is probably trying not to hurt your feelings or he is trying to get another man or boy to notice her possibly a x boyfriend

There is this girl who has shown interest in me i told her i like her she says she is flattered but doesnt want to date my friends says she is playing a game if i ignore her she will come back to me?

do not do that because then she wont think you care for her i am a girl so i know ! absolutely do not do that and she does like you she just doesn't want to tell youu sometimes a girl just doesn't want to put her true feelings out