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tell your ex your are through and he needs to let it go cause you have moved on and tell you current boyfriend your into him and you are through with your ex.


Please think about this seriously, i mean about who you truly love. either way, someone is going to be hurt and you had better make the right decision now than regret later. so if it is your ex, and he is worth it, then go back, if he is not the there is no point because love is not all that matters to make a relationship work. So think hard my dear.

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2007-08-24 14:30:23
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Q: You are stuck between your ex boyfriend and your current boyfriend?
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How can I make a dispute between my ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend?

u dont jerkface.

What to do if your ex boyfriend threatening your current boyfriend?

Call the police

How do you stop comparing your current boyfriend to your ex boyfriend?

Remember your ex is your ex for a reason and not worthy of a comparison to your new one. Look to the future, concentrate on your current boyfriend and leave the past in the past.

How do you not get involved in a fight between your boyfriend and his ex?

you have a boyfriend?

How can you get your ex girlfriend back even if she has a new boyfriend?

You should make her jealous and have a battle between you and her current boyfriend. Make her realise that your worth another try.

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What if you have feelings for your current boyfriend as a friend but may still love your ex?

Do not string your current boyfriend along, If you think hes better as a friend then tell him how you feel. The feelings about your ex may be caused by jealousy. Finish with your current Boyfriend , Get your head straight and then see what you want.

Is it tacky to tell a friend about an ex boyfriend's current sexual partners?

Yes it is tacky to tell a friend about an ex boyfriend's current sexual partners. It proves you are small minded; a gossiper and have a hidden desire to hurt your ex. You will be the loser.

Should i stay friends with an ex boyfriend while in a relationship boyfriend?

if it is ok with your current boyfriend there is not should about it...if you want to then do it, if not then dont, if your current bf has a problem with it then that is his problem not yours

Why did you cheat on your current boyfriend with your ex- boyfriend?

that possibly means you aren't over your ex. so maybe tell BOTH of them to take a break and think about it!

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but like an ex that you were in love with?

Be honest with your current boyfriend about loving your ex, but make sure your ex feels the same way

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