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Yes, it's very normal. Don't worry

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Q: You are passing large blood clots and can feel them passing is this normal?
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How long do you have blood clots after giving birth?

Is it normal to still be passing clots after giving birth 3 days ago..bit worried some r quiet large

Is it normal to feel very large blood clots and be able to push them out during a period?

Being able to feel very large blood clots, may be a problem. Feeling blood clots is normal, but large ones may cause vaginal viruses.

Large clots of blood on pads?


You have had a very heavy period with large clots and you have been passing some clots that look like raw steak Do you think that you have had a miscarriage?

During a miscarriage, the tissue is usually clots that are a grey or pinkish colour & sometimes you can see veins. However it is possible to pass large black clots during a miscarriage. It's possible you could have a miscarriage but it depends if you was having pregnancy symptoms. You may simply be having a unusually heavy period for you & passing large clots because of this. Antibiotics can sometimes cause the symptoms you mentioned but its unlikely. See your Doctor for a blood test asap.

What is it when you pass large clots when your on your period?

What you are seeing as clots are probably not clots at all, after all menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood as if it did it would be detrimental to the whole process - you're likely seeing either blood mixing with cervical mucus, or larger pieces of uterus lining (you can tell which by pressing on them, if they don't break apart they are more likely to be lining). This is normal during the heavier points in your cycle, it's just normal menstrual flow.

Is large blood clots healthy?

It depends on wether you mean the condition known as thrombosis where the blood clots in your blood circulation system or if you are referring to lumps in your periods. In the first case, no, blood clots are not healty, and as mentioned above can lead to severe health issues or even death. If you are referring to lumpy periods, that is perfectly normal as the monthly discharge contains more than blood (i.e mucus, cells from your womb etc).

Is it possible to have your period for a whole month straight and with large blood clots?

It is not normal to have periods for over a month with clotting..this is an indication of a pathology. Seek medical advice asap

Why would someone pass large blood clots without bleeding?

Large clots would mean that the bleeding had already occurred. If there is considerable distance to the outside of the body, such as from an ulcer or intestinal bleeding, then you would have just the clots by the time it makes it out of the body.

What does it mean when you have your period and discharge blood clots?

A period is basically when the lining of your womb realises there's no egg to keep safe, and therefore breaks down and exits as a period. It is normal to have some loss of clots/strange blood loss or "snot looking stuff". However, if there has been any chance of you being pregnant, and you have had severe pains/discomfort and large clots, this could be a miscarriage. However, the pain would be far far worse than pmt, and you'd have probably already gone to see your doctor. To recap, loss of clots is normal. If in doubt, always consult your doc

Is it normal to notice large blood clots when you experience a nose bleed?

I would like to know the answer to this question also. I had a very large blood clot that I pulled from my left nostril. Only one nostril was bleeding and stopped soon after. my kids have the same problem. i don't see any answers posted. this must be fairly common if there are multiple posts. When your nose bleeds, The blood cloting is what eventually stops the bleeding. I am not a doctor but It seems logical that you would see blood clots if you did'nt allow the clot to stabalize and harden before blowing/picking your nose. Hello. This can be caused by the blood congealing in your nasal carriageway and coming out in clots. But see your doctor if its concerning you.

What causes large clots in your period?

Large clots can be the result of fibroid tumors which are not cancerous. See a doctor if you are concerned.

What does it mean when chunks of blood come out your vagina when your on you period?

That either is from a weak pelvic floor muscle, or estrogen dominance, sometimes even endometrioses. If you have that with every single period you have and the clots are quite large, you should probably see your doctor.