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Of course you will struggle to lose weight through starvation. You need to exercise more and probably make changes to your diet.

Last year I shed over 20% of my body weight. I describe this as the "ASSSS non-diet":

  • No Alcohol
  • No snacks
  • Nothing sweet (no sugar and no artificial sweeteners)
  • More sport, specially endurance sport and training (eg swimming, cycling etc) in excess of one hour per session.
  • More sex
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If you are severely overweight, your body thinks that it is a famine. The human body is designed to survive famine and other historical events, that is the reason that we gain weight so easily and lose it so slowly.

You might be feeling lethargic and have headaches too. This is a signal that you have cut your calories back too far. A calorie is a calorie, no matter if it is fat or carb or protein. Increase your calorie count to 1500 and the weight should start to come off.

Don't try to lose too much too fast! The calculations on calories don't necessarily include the exercise levels and the size of the body. If you are a fan of one of the weight loss shows, remember that these people are carefully monitored and they are highly active.

To recap, the body has gone into fasting mode...which means that it "thinks" that there's a famine. Up your calories by a couple of hundred to return to the weight loss. Add water to your consumption! Not diet soft drinks, but plain water. It will help you avoid bloat surprisingly because the water maintains healthy fluid balance in your body. can't burn calories if you don't sweat a little! And you can't sweat if there's no water in your system..and your back will hurt because your kidneys don't have the water to process.

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Q: You are eating 1200 calories a day and still not losing weight why?
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If you eat healthy will you lose weight?

Not necessarily, as eating healthily can only counteract eating an appropriate portion, if you still eat 4,000 calories worth of salad, then you still won't lose any weight.

Why arent you still losing weight you lost 25 pounds and im still dieting?

You've reached a plateau, and you'll need to continue reducing calories.

Why Eating better but gaining weight?

while you are eating better you're still eating too much. the average person needs only 2000 calories to maintain their weight. if you're getting over that and not burning them off you'll gain weight. for every 3500 extra calories you gain one pound of fat.

Will you still gain weight if you are not eating at all?

No, it is impossible. Even breathing uses up calories, so if you don't eat at all, and remain inactive you are still going to lose weight.

How many packets of crisps should you eat in one day?

it depends what else your eating. if your worried about losing weight look at the amount of calories in your diet and make sure you have less than 2000, if the amount of crisps your eating still keeps your calorie total under 2000 then that's healthy.

Would you feed an animal more fat if it is losing weight?

If the animal is eating regularly and it is still losing weight, you should probably take it to the veterinarian as it should not be losing weight. Otherwise, it depends on the animal. Most pets, particularly cats and dogs, gain weight when they are fed more cat or dog food.

I have been eating fewer calories per day and eating less portions and still not seeing resultswhat's going on?

Eating fewer calories may HELP you loose weight but getting real results doesn't mean that excersice isn't part of the plan. In order to loose weight easily, excsercise 500 calories from your daily intake and eat more nutrishous meals. Remember, eating meals that may have less calories doesn't mean they aren't high in fat.

What do you need to count (fat, carbs, total calories, etc.) if anything in a low glycemic diet?

Following a low-glycemic diet isn'tt a stand-alone solution for weight loss. If you eat a low-glycemic diet thats still high in calories, attaining your weight-loss goals may be difficult. Like it or not, you still need to consider the number of calories you take in each day. Successfully losing weight requires an approach that includes eating a combination of low-glycemic carbs, healthy protein, and fats; counting calories; exercising; and pumping up your metabolism.

How do you stop losing weight?

Eating more, exercising less. If it is still a problem, you should consult a doctor to make sure that there is no underlying medical reason for the weight loss, like a thyroid condition.

If you're anorexic and start eating 800 calories a day but exercise do you gain weight?

No, 800 calories is dangerously low and is still far below your normal caloric needs; calorie intake must be in excess of your daily requirements to gain any weight.

Does exercise make you lose weight?

Kinda-sorta. To lose weight you need to be using up more calories than you're eating, and that's pretty much it. While exercise will make you use up more calories, weight loss or not still depends on how many calories you're eating. Let's say you're eating 1000 calories more than you need (that's easy, it's like two cupcakes and coffee), and you're using up 500 calories through exercise. That'll still put you 500 cals more than you need, and you'll keep gaining weigh - only a bit slower now. But maybe your eating is only a little wrong - say 100 calories more than you need. Now, 500 calories worth of exercise will be the same as 400 cals of weight loss. Nothing you'd see in a day, but give it some weeks and there'll be a difference.

How much weight would you lose if you were bulemic for a week?

It is hard to tell since it really comes down to calories taken in versus calories expended through exersie. Still, bulimia is a very dangerous eating disorder and not a safe or effective means of weight loss.