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tell her that you are straight, she'll get over you in a little time.

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Q: You are a straight girl and want another girl to stop liking you how do you do it?
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How can a girl stop liking a girl?

if your straight then just find a really cute boy and get hooked on him. but if your a lesbian then there's nothing u can do.

How do you talkto a guy you like if he likes another girl?

Talk to him in a way that is not so obvious that you want to be with him or that if he should stop liking the girl that he likes.... idk what ever you feel is right !

How do you stop liking a girl without getting her upset?

be cool and dont bother her

How do I stop myself from liking another person's girlfriend?

you dont ask them out!

How to stop a girl from flirting with another?

with another girl ? Why would you want to stop that

What do you do if your best friend likes who you like?

stop liking the guy or girl that yall both like

How do you get a twelve year old boy to stop liking a twelve year old girl?


How do you stop a boy you like liking some other girl?

Unfortunately, you cant stop a boy from liking someone else because it always seems to back fire. Fate will bring you together if its meant to be.

How do you get your boy friend to stop liking another girl?

You should tell him that it is either you or her and that if he don't give her you then it is over. You deserve someone better who will love you for yourself and love you and only you! Best Wishes!

Your sister blew all chances with a girl what are you to do?

Apologise on her behalf and hope for the best. If a girl really likes you, no sister is gonna stop her from liking you.

If you like a girl but she doesn't think she's going to see you again so stop liking you should you stop liking her?

Sorry, but if she makes an excuse to stop liking you (like not seeing you again) she's not worth your time. Girls who really like you would at least try to make the relationship work despite the distances.

How do I deal with a girl I like that has tunnel vision on another guy that doesn't like her along with competing with a friend who likes the same girl but has no chance at all Annoying Corrupt?

just make the guy she likes look like a jerk, she'll stop liking him. Then get your friend to start crushing on another girl, and she is all yours!@