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Q: You are 8 weeks pregnant and your stomach sometimes growls is this normal?
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Is it normal to have a sensitive stomach while pregnant?

Tender where specifically?? in the stomach area or lower in the abdomen by your pubic bone?? either way a tender stomach is normal and so is feeling tender around your uterine area :) any sever pain you will want to take note of and talk with your doctor or midwife about it.AnswerHello - Yes this is normal during some pregnancys. But if you are concerned, see your doctor. :-)AnswerI have the tenderness right above my pubic bone exactly only when I push on it and it feels abit hard. No other pain in stomach, and don't feel anything at all except abit of a heavy feeling. I went off the pill on the 13th and 6 days later I had a very tiny amount of brown and pink discharge only for a few hours maybe. I know that I ovulated because of the mucus I had but no period has come yet and I usually always bleed if I stop taking the bc pill, I had to go off it because of high blood presure and I'm going to be 35, on April 9th. when I went for my annual exam on the thirteenth I had a normal pap and the internal exam was fine and I had no tenderness at the time. So it's just werid all of a sudden, maybe it means my period is coming but I have never had this before my period. I had alot of cramping after the ovulation but know there is nothing. Sorry so long. answerYou may be pregnant but unlikely if you have only just come off the oral contraceptive, also unlikely that you ovulated. You may have a bladder infection. You should see a doctor as this doesn't sound normal.

Is it normal for pregnant bulldog to leak urine?

It is sometimes normal if they have been pregnant for a while.

Is a burning sensation in the stomach normal when you're 7 months pregnant?

Is a burning senation normal in 7 months pregnant

Is it normal for a pregnant woman to have stomach aches?

Stomach aches is not normal but abdominal pains yes it is and only during the first trimester.

Is it normal for your stomach to hurt when your pregnant?

Yes, it is very normal to feel nauseous and have cramps during pregnancy. Some women experience morning sickness. This is when you feel very sick in the morning and you sometimes vomit. Relax, this is normal.

Is it normal to hear a heartbeat in your stomach when you aren't pregnant?

Yes it is your own.

Is it normal for your stomach to be tender to the touch at 17 weeks' pregnant?

yes, sometimes women experience things like that. Cause i had that problem when i was pregnant. But i was about 22 weeks pregnant. But if it get to bad and it doesnt stop see a doctor. But the main thing that is cause of your stomach is stretching. So try to rub lotion on your tummy.

If you have the feeling of gas in stomach are you pregnant?

It was for me. About 10 days after my iui I could not stop belching and passing gas. It was insane...non stop all day. That and itchy nipples were the only signs I had prior to a positive hpt.

You were 5 weeks pregnant when you had abortionand now its 4months later and you have stomach this normal?