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well i am a girl so... the next time you are in gym class (and do this BEFORE you start sweating), just ask her something..anything but don't get too nervous and studder, ask her what the math homework was or something. my best experience... in my school we get taught how to square dance. he is also in my earth science class. so i asked him before gym if he wanted to be my square dancing partner he said sure. when you talk to her look into her pretty eyes NOT ANY OF HER BODY PARTS!!!!. unless she is a slut, than she wont like that your "checking her out" if you have known her for a while and you know what she likes and you like the same thing, talk to her about it. once you start talking to her it will get easier. but become good friends first. my youth paster said that he never went out on a date with his wife before they were married. they were both involved boyfriends and girlfriends, but they became really good friends and boyfriends came and went and he was till there for her. if you do become friends with her and she does get a boyfriend, don't just give it all up stay her friend, most likely they will break up and one day she will realize that you have been there for her all along and she will begin to like you. if any dances come up ask her to them and if you talk to her and become friends it wont seem so awkward. and if she doesnt work out then don't worry

you will find your dream girl

last suggestion look up Dream girl by Dave mathew's band i love that song and i think you will relate to it!

Say to her hello there i have noticed you coming here a lot are you by any chance a p e teacher or fitness instructor as you look very fit she might say yes or no then take it from there then you could say would you join me in doing a circuit of the gym together if she says yes then do that and ask her questions about herself girls like talking about themselves if all that works then after the session ask her would you like to join me in a healthy drink of Orange Juice in the cafe and a chat then take it from there you have to become her friend first before anything else and remember be yourself no putting on airs and graces and don't tell lies about yourself You could download the song Platonic by Iggy Pop it has some negative lyrics but this just increases your determination and helps build your resolve and confidence anyway good luck mate just DO IT or she will never be your dream girlfriend


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Q: You are 18 and you go to gym daily and theres a girl you like but you hasitate to see her and to talk to her tell you any tip so that you can make her my dream girl?
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