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That just means that your body is slower to mature.

They will always remain puffy, learn to appreciate your body.

You are unique and being unique is better than being normal

or "default".

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Q: You are 16 years old you have puffy nipples since 13 When your nipples be normal?
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I am 18 years old and I have puffy nipples. Will I have them for the rest of my life?

Please don't listen to the above. I suggest you go and see your doctor. Only they will be able to give you the you want/ need. They are there to help you.

What exercise can a man do to get rid of excessive fat in his nipple area that sticks out when he wears shirts?

No, there is probably nothing you can do. If you're a teenager, rest assured that this is common. Your nipples will not be puffy in a couple years.

My nipples are puffy and i'am 18 years old Is this a problem?

They are just a natural condition. As you get older and your breasts are fully developed they will go away. Some women never get rid of them but to me that is actually a good thing.

I am sixteen years old and my nipples haven't harden yet is that normal?

Well by you saying that your nipples don't stick out I assume that you do have nipples. Not every woman's nipples stick out. It is like a belly button. Most are innies and some are outies. Some women have inverted nipples. It is really nothing you can change though. It is just a unique part of your body.

Is it normal to still have a tiny bit of milk in breasts after about 3 years?

Yes, if you keep squeezing your nipples they will continue to produce tiny anounts of milk.

What would cause sore nipples when you've had a tubal ligation seven years ago and it has been fifteen days since your last period?


You have pain in your nipples and you are 40 years of age your husband has been fixed for 10 years what could be the cause?

I have pain in both nipples what could be the cause?

Why after ten years is your tattoo puffy and irritated?

because you don't take care of it

Is it normal to have drops of green breast milk after many years since last pregnancy?

Tes Yes

How old are the hi hi puffy amiyumi girls?

15 years old is Ami(Animated) and 16 years old is Yumi(Animated).

Can you get hair on your nipples?

yes many people have it my nipplles have got lots of black hairs on btw and like whiskers this is not an improvement but im really scared that i have something wrong with me because i have hair like wisjers on 1 of my nipples and when i touch it it hurts is that normal please some1 help im 12 years old :(

Do 14 years old girls toy with their nipples?

Some do and some don't.