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You my boy are a retard!

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Q: You are 15 and your friends older sister grabed your penis the other day should you tell your friend?
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I and your sister are a good friend is a right sentence?

No. It should be like this. Your sister and I are good friends.

Should you date your friend's brother if you are friends with him his older sister his younger sister and go to church with him?

Sure you can you could go out with him. You don't have to only look at him as a friend

I am in love with my best friends sister what steps should I take?

Because you are best friends and want to date his sister be honest with your best friend and whether they like it or not his sister is the one that decides if she wants to date you.

What do you do when your sister comes on your best friends relaishonship and steals your friend and then your best friend only hangs out with her and just ignores you?

If you still like your best friend then try to get her back or let her go with your sister if that's what your friend wants. Or mabey your friend could be friends with your sister and best friends with you.

What do you do when your sister hates your best friend?

you should make your sister met her or him then she will like her or hims best friend this is ok but shes just jealous but its ok all she wants is a friend help your sister get a friend then thats it

Is it normal to have a sister in the same friend group?

If u are friends with ur sister than sure u can be friends with whoever you want

What is a sister friend?

The term sister friend could stand for a couple of things. Many people look at their friends as sisters and vice versa.

What should you do if your best friend hates you because you broker up with her sister?

First off, friends siblings are off limits. Make things right with the sister and give your friend sometime to cool his head. try back on a later occasion.

Who were Clara Barton friends?

Clara barton's closest friend is her sister dolly and sally

How do you go about dating your friend's sister?

don't date your friends sister bad ideal it will mess up your friendship with the friend really bad ideal all relationships have problems but remember blood is thicker than water.AnswerOkay sometimes it is okay to date a friend's sister. Just make sure it's okay with your friend. But remember that they were your friend before you met her so your friend should come first. And if your friend is okay with you dating their sister remember that they're not going to want to know about what goes on behind closed doors. So make sure you remember that she is their sister and they don't want to hear details about what goes on between the to of you. And make sure you make time for your friend, other wise things might not go the way you want them to. It also helps if you become friends with that friends sister before you ask them out. :)

Is it ok to have a sister in the same friend group?

It's ok to have your sister in your friends group but it can also be a bad thing. I made the mistake of having my sister in my friend group it didn't end well :( she told my parents about the boy I like, secrets that only friends should know. But its different with all sisters maybe...anyhow its your decision though it all depends.

How can you drop hints to tell a girl you like her if she is my best friends sister PS i think she likes me too?

Why can't you just tell her? Your best friend should support you and your sister and be happy for you to be happy.