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You would need to take you height into consideration age alone is not enough information.

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Q: You are 13 and 130.2 pounds is that fat?
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How many pounds in 1302 g?

1302g is about 2.9 (2.870419) pounds.

Is it fat if you weigh 133 pounds and are 13 and 5'6?

NO! That is not fat. Do you eat healthy and exercise? Your weight does not determine fat. It can in some cases, but you are only 13 and still growing. There is not "set" weight for teenagers.

I'm 14 and weight 145 pounds but im 5.7 am I fat?

im 13, 5.4 and 125 pounds. i REALLY dont look fat and you're probably not, too. :)

I am 13 5'3 and I weigh 103 pounds is this overweight?

no you are not overweight

Im 13 and you are 5' 6'' and you weigh 133 pounds im not fat or not too skinney?


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If your 13 and weight 95 pounds and your 5'6 are you overweight?

NO! r u kidding me im 12 5.4"and 110 pounds now i feel fat!!

Is 180 pounds fat for a 13 year old?

it depends on how much muscle you have vs. how much fat you have but either way 180 is pretty big for a 13 year old. im 13 and i weight 121 but im all muscle

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How many pounds of fat does your body contain if you weight 141 pounds and has 15 percent body fat?

21.25 pounds of fat

Are you fat if your 13 and weigh 86 pounds?

No your not :) Trust me I should know >.> im 13 and weigh just under 200 pounds.. I think your skinny considering most are around 120 (girls anyways) I think if you are under 150 you aren't fat :3 (also depends on your height and if you have muscle or not)