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get 2 know the guy more.

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Q: You REALLY like this guy but you have only met twice what do you do?
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You see a guy twice he says he likes you and you say you like him 100 percent and that his everything you want in a guy and he goes its not like that we've only met twice is he still interested in me?

it means your scaring him!

What if you have known this guy your whole life and your in 8th and hes in 7th and you really like him and he has tried to hold your hand like twice?

Ask him out.

What does it mean if a guy you dated twice texts sexually then says he is only teasing and would like to take it slow?

Probably means he doesn't really want to take it slow.

There's this guy I have no chance with that I really like but there's this other guy who is a lot better guy and he is in love with me I want to get over the first guy but it's hard?

just do it dont think twice about it

What if the guy you really really REALLY like only wants you just for sex?

Then you need to get out of the relationship. You NEVER want a guy who only WANTS you for sex. AND I do mean it. You are worth way more then that.

You broke up with your boyfriend and now you want him back?

Its happened to me. Twice. I think if you really like this guy then swallow your pride and go for it.

What if the guy you really like makes you feel special in a way no other guy has done but it's really hard to figure out if he does like you?

just ask him, its the only sure way to know

What if a guy likes you but you dont like him back what do you say to him?

What you say is I really like you only as a friend. That he's a great guy and all but it isnt meant to be.

You really like this guy but he wants you to wait?

Then you wait for him, that is if you really love the guy.

What does it take to get a guy?

Well it really its up to guy...but if you really like him go for it

What if you only see a shy guy once a month but you really like him?

try saying you love him

How can this be helped you really like a girl but she only dates religious guy's and I'm not really religious but you like each other What do you do?

If she really likes you then it shouldn't matter -answered by a girl.

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