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2009-08-02 17:08:01
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Q: Year and value of boito over and under 12 gauge shotgun model number 48084?
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Boito 20 gauge side by side shotgun stamped by k mart serial number 48084 valued at?

Between $250 and $300 depending on condition.

What is the value of a 1975 boito 410 gauge side by side shotgun?

50-250 USD

What is the value of a boito 20 gauge side by side shotgun it has 234 chambers and was made in Brazil?

i have a boito 12 ga o/u, you can get anywhere from 150 to 225 out of it if you want to sell it.

What is the value of a boito 12 gauge double barrel over and under shotgun with the Kmart corp stamp on it?

very little, $200 max

How much is a Brazil made boito 12 gauge side by side double trigger shotgun worth?

i bought mine for 300 but seen them sell for 250-400

Info on 12 gauge shotgun with serial number 49136?

what type of shotgun is this

Where is the model number on an old 16 gauge Savage shotgun?

== ==

National firearms 12 gauge shotgun looking for info on this gun?

how old is a national firearms 12 gauge shotgun serial number A23163

Browning auto5 shotgun with serial number 19652 how old is it?

87 years old.If you have a 12 gauge shotgun then it was made in 1906,if your shotgun is a 16 gauge,then it was made in the year 1919.

When was a browning a-5 with serial number 49322 made?

Seeing that you did not state what gauge your shotgun is in,the Browning auto-5 shotgun chambered in 12 gauge with the serial number 49322 was made in 1921,if you have a 16 gauge model auto-5 shotgun then it was made in the year 1926.

What is a 12 gauge shotgun?

A shotgun with a 12 gauge bore. Gun gauge is an old traditional measurement derived from the number of balls of the size to fit the gun that can be made from one pound of lead. A 12 gauge shotgun will have a bore of .729 inch (18.53 mm).

What is the value of a4270 12 gauge shotgun that is not stamped?

describe the type of shotgun and recheck the serial number

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