Y do girls play hard to get?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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to get a date!!DUR

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Q: Y do girls play hard to get?
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Do all guys like girls who play hard to get?

no im a guy and i hate it when girls play hard to get it makes guys feel like there unloved but that's the fun of it! girls love to make guys feel unloved

Do guys like girls that are good at soccer?

yes, because girls that play soccer are hard!

Why are girls so hard to get?

ok; girls play hard to get to the boy more attracted to them and make them " chase them" Now i have a question for u how do u get a boy to like you(a girl)

Why is tennis for girls?

Tennis can be for girls or boys, smart one. but girls are more fit to play tennis. but guys really do play tennis, some of them even go to Wimbledon (i know that's hard to believe.

How do you know when girls like you?

its simple basically the girl does the same thing that a boy would do but usually most girls play hard to get

What does yo trabajar duro y jugar duro mean in English?

This is grammatically incorrect; it should be yo trabajo duro y juego duro which means "I work hard and play hard"

Why he asked me y do you play hard to get?

he thinks you are pretending you aren't interested, if you are not pretending, make it clear.

Do girls play duel monsters?

Well speaking as a girl who does play duel monsters I can say yes!^^ There are many girls who watch yugioh, again I should know I met enough of them on youtube. xD I will admit they are hard to find but they do exist! Girls do play duel monsters! (3

Why do men play games with girls then dont talk to them?

say u play spin the bottle, after the kiss, it can get awkward, and it will be hard to start a convo.

What do girls play with?

Girls usually play with dolls.

What does Zayn Malik like most in a girl?

Zayn likes girls who play hard to get so he can tell them they're beautiful

What is Navajo softball?

it is just the same but with native Americans and we play may more rough and we are bigger thaen the white girls but mostly we just play it more hard