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Kinda chubby and pretty because i am

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Q: Would you rather date a girl if she was kinda chubby and pretty or skinny and unattractive?
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Is being to skinny unhealthy?

if you have small bone structure and you were born skinny, than no. if your body type is to be chubby or slightly chubby, then don't try to be skinny.

How do Korean girls maintain their cute chubby cheeks with a skinny body?

They can't, if they're skinny their faces will be skinny too!

If you're tall but not skinny can you still wear skinny jeans?

well I guess but if your a little chubby it doesn't look that skinny it kind looks flare

When Justin Bieber fat or skinny when he was a baby?

no he was neither of those answers, but he was chubby

Is skinny better?

better? no no and no! it doesn't matter if you are skinny or fat, chubby or plump. if you are trying to be skinny for someone else, don't do it! people should like you for who you are, if they tell you to be something you are not, then they are not worth it!

What can a skinny girl do to look chubby?

Stop exercising and start eating..... Lots of food!!

Is it good to be chubby when your young?

Yes, but being skinny isn't so bad either.

If you build muscle do you get skinny?

Any exercise that builds muscle will burn fat, but it wont make you skinny. Some of the strongest men in the world are fairly chubby.

What should a 22 yo male who is 6 foot tall weigh?

well are you fat chubby or skinny ?

Why is China Ann McClain so skinny?

Not everyone is particularly chubby. Her weight is none of your concern really.

Why do people wear skinny jeans?

for fashion, its almost like saying why do people wear high heels. also because you look good in skinny jeans but not if you are chubby

Are dolphins fat or skinny?

All penguin are chubby and fat. Why? Because they live in Antarctica. They need to keep themselves warm and toasty.