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Try the US Patent Office

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Q: Would like to get drawing for Marvel 22 cal single shot rifle?
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What is the history of the 22 marvel rifle?

If your rifle is a single shot rolling block type rifle, it was probably made by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company. These were made for hardware stores under the Marvel brand, and PROBABLY dates to the early 1900s. Not a great deal of information out there.

How old is a 22 marvel single shot rifle?

Can't be answered wihtout the serial number, even then, it will depend on if data has been published.

The date of manufacture for The 22 Marvel rifle?

Without a serial number, there is no way to answer.

Why would a rossie single shot rifle not break open?

You need a gunsmith.

Where can you find a schematic drawing for a 22 caliber JC Higgins Model 101.24 single shot rifle?

Start here:

Where can you get a schematic drawing savage 110 rifle?

Savage would be a good place to start. might have one also.

How do you assemble trigger assembly of walther LG51 air rifle?

I would contact Walther directly and ask for a parts drawing. See the link below

Where can I find drawing of .22 Browning pump action rifle?

US Patent Office

What would the value of a Essex 22 cal single shot rifle be today?

10-100 USD or so

Do you manafacture a 243 single shot rifle?


CAN YOU GET a diagram drawing for revelation model 100 rifle?

If you know who made it, and they are still in business, probably.

What would a Winchester rifle model 04 be worth?

A Winchester model 1904 single shot .22cal rifle is valued between 90-350 dollars based on the rifle having between 10%-90% of its original finish remaining.