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200-400 or so

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Q: Would anyone have info on Harrington and Richardson Inc Model 340 30-06?
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What would the cruuent value be for a Harrington and Richardson model 676 - 22 cal plus 22 mag revolver?

50-125 or so

Harrington richardson arms 16 ga seril no 273221?

Would like to know how old my harrington richardson arms 16 ga shoot gun is worth

What is a Harrington Richardson 32 cal model 723 excellent condition worth?

That would be a Model 732 2.5" barrel, Excellent condition $185-195 - add $25 for 4" barrel.

Would any one know how old my Harrington and Richardson 12 ga topper model 88 ser aug21669?

Blue Book of Gun Values will help.

Harrington and richardson 28 gauge shotgun model 1915 and would like to know what it is valued at and the year of manufacture please?

50-100 USD. 70-100 yrs old

Harrington and Richardson serial number A912117 when was it made?

It would help to know the type and model of the firearm you are reaching- H&R made rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers and machine guns. If this were, say, a Model 949 revolver, that would be a 1940 made gun.

What is value of Harrington Richardson 22 caliber pistols Abilene Kansas Commemorative Centennial model?

I am not sure of the value of these pistols but I am interested in purchasing one if you have one for sale. I live in Abilene and would be interested.

What would be the odds of getting a rebuild kit for an harrington and richardson 32 cal auto eject?

Slim to none.

What would the value of an Harrington Richardson Young America double action 22 revolver?

50-100 USD

What is a Harrington and Richardson leatherneck 22 cal long rifle model 165 worth?

depending on the condition any where from 150-400 remember that's depending on the condition usually the most would be 200 but it does range

You would like to see a picture of this gun Patent no 3988848ba564268 harrington and richardson gun?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is the value of a harrington and richardson 1910 hammerless pistol?

Impossible to answer without a detailed descripiton. A guess would be 10-100 USD