Words ending ism

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Absolutism government by a single ruler

Anarchism all governments should be abolished

Capitalism private ownership and free market economies

Imperialism when one country takes over Another Country for power or money/resources

Nationalism pride in one's country

Militarism when a country believes it should build up a large military and maintain it for power and control

Totalitarianism when the government has all control and the people have none.

Isolationism the avoidance of alliances from other countries; when a country isolates itself

Communism an economic system that is run by the government

Civicism The principle of civil government
Well words that usually ends in -ism is marked as a belief like:






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Q: Words ending ism
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The suffix -ism usually signals a noun.

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Budism, Judism, any religion would end in ism.. just go to google and look up... Words that end in ism.

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Broom, Doom, Beam, Team, all the -ism words (like catholism and absolutism), freedom, gum etc etc.

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this is random but sour!

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words that end in ism is optimism and journalism

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A noun (like anything ending in -ISM).

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