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Made in 1967. 97,395 rifles and carbines made.

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Q: Winchester model 1894 Canadian centenial 1867-1967 when manufactured and how many were made?
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What is the value of a Winchester 3030 rifle Canadian Centennial 18671967 with box never fired?

In the condition that you have described,your rifle is valued at 895.00 dollars on today,s market.

How much is a Canadian centenial 1876-1976 silver dollar worth?


What is the value and how many were issued of a model 94 Winchester classic with an octagon barrell produced in 1967?

Canadian 67 Centenial made in both rifle and carbine configurations. 90,301 made. If absolutely NIB with all papers, box, shipping sleeve, etc., worth about 500-600 USD.

Is Brad Winchester Related To Jesse Winchester?

No: Brad is American (from Wisconsin) and Jesse is Canadian (from Cornwall, Ontario).

Where is the serial number on a Winchester Canadian centennial?

on the back left

Which two provinces produce three quarters of Canadian manufactured goods?

Quebec and Ontario are the two provinces that produce three quarters of Canadian manufactured goods.

What is the value of a winchester 12 gauge canadian limited?

50-500 usd

What is the age and value of a John Wayne Commemorative Set of a Colt 45 Pistol JW928 and 32-40 Model 94 Winchester Rifle CJWC928?

The john Wayne colt and Winchester were both issued in 1981 for the Winchester and 1982 for the colt. The colt is a SAA standard in which 3,100 were manufactured in 1982. The Winchester going by serialization is a Canadian john Wayne which the the proper serial number should indicate CJW928(not CJWC928). with 1,000 of these manufactured in 1981. You can contact me at lgood303 at yahoo if you have any further questions on these. I am a commemorative collector and your items are somewhat appealing to me if you ever choose to part ways with them. Thank you. Lance

How many Winchester model 94 Canadian centennial 1867-1997 were manufactored?


What is the value of a Winchester rifle 3030 Canadian centinental?

350 to 600 dollars in can funds

What is the price for a 1967 Canadian centienal Winchester 30-30 lever action?


What is a Winchester 30 30 Canadian Centennial 1867 1967 worth?

500 uSD

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