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Your Black Shadow as made in 1998.

No idea about production numbers.

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Q: Winchester 94 black shadow in a 444 marlin serial no 6334276 how many was made and value and year?
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How old is your Winchester model 94ae?

With out a serial number provided in your question,the best that I can do is say that the Winchester model 1894AE(angle eject) was made from 1983 onward.

What is the duration of The Shadow serial?

The duration of The Shadow - serial - is 4.75 hours.

When was The Shadow - serial - created?

The Shadow - serial - was created on 1940-01-05.

Will a stock for a Winchester model 70 fit a Winchester super shadow model 70 in 300wsm?


What is a Winchester model 70 black shadow worth?

The Winchester model 70 Black Shadow is worth between about 600 dollars and about 800 dollars depending on the condition and exact model. This gun is a relatively newer model by Winchester.

How old is a Winchester 444 model 94 serial 6335049?

the model 94 black shadow big bore like yours was made from 1998-2000.if it is a regular rifle with wood stock it was made from 1998 on.

How much is your black shadow 1300 Winchester worth?

(Dr. Evil) One million dollars!

What model is Miroku shotgun serial number 673479?

I believe it was known as the "Black Shadow".

What is a winchester model 70 270wsm shadow with scope worth?

Between 350-475 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What is the cost of a Winchester 94AE black shadow brushed chrome finish rifle?

Winchester made 2000 of these 30-30 Trapper model (16" barrel) for the 1999 "Shot Show Special" origianal price was $499 but have sold for as high as $1700.

Did light have shadow?

light did not had shadow and will not have shadow.

Winchester model 70 30-06 black shadow?

It's a fairly new version of a classic bolt action rifle in an excellent caliber. You might want to rephrase this question if you want a more specific answer.

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