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Q: William cook middleboro ma is he using dating websights?
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What kind of dating is done by using radioactive decay?

Carbon dating

What is radiobromine dating?

Radiobromine dating is a way of discovering the age of artifacts using radiobromine.

What are the benefits of using a free dating website?

Using a dating website is a great choice for anyone looking to find love, or even companionship. The benefit of using a free dating website is just that - that it's free. You'll still get all the same great features found in a dating website, but you won't have to pay for it.

Professional dating site?

There are a few professional dating site. You can try using Tango, Facebook or Tag.

How do scientists determine how old objects are by?

Archeologists determine how old an object is, by using Carbon Dating.

Are John Cena and Aj Lee Dating?

no there were not dating aj lee was just using john cena to gets peoples attention.

Scientists can determine the age of some ancient artifacts using what dating?

Scientists can determine the age of some ancient artifacts using carbon-14 dating.

What are benefits of using uranium in dating the age of objects?

It is applicable to dating geological samples old from 104 to 2.106 years.

Can I meet nice and friendly singles using avenues dating agency?

Doing an Avenues Dating Agency search will give you numerous "specified" dating sites to try. For example there is Avenue Dating for Professional, Christians, etc.

If I wanted to know how old a fossil was which type of dating would I be using?

Radiometric is the type of dating used to determine how old a fossil is.

Can carbon 14 be used in dating organic substances from precambrian time?

no. 50,000 years is the upper limit for using it for dating.

The geologic time scale was devised before numerical dating using radioactivity was invented true or false?

True. The geologic time scale was established based on relative dating principles before the development of numerical dating methods using radioactivity in the 20th century.