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it honestly all depends on the kind of ink and how deep it was put in. I have seen bright red one day and a dull pink the next.

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Q: Will your red tattoo go back to red after healed?
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How long after a new tattoo do you need to wait to go into a hot tub?

You need to wait until the tattoo is completely healed because of all the bacteria in a hot tube your tattoo could get infected if its not healed all the way.

Can you go tanning with a tattoo?

Depends on when you go the tattoo. It takes 6 months for a tattoo to heal believe it or not, and within that healing period DO NOT TAN! It is really bad for the tattoo. It could cause fading, ghosting and color leaks. After your tattoo is all healed just double check with a tattoo artist to make sure its all healed, healing times vary by how well your skin accepts the ink. Then you can go tanning, but I suggest you use a special tanning lotion to help prevent fading of the tattoo. If you want your tattoo be remain vibrant longer I suggest you don't go tanning at all.

Should do jujitsu after getting new tattoo?

I would not recommend it, all of the rubbing could cause the tattoo to peel early and scrape off all of the scabs. This means that you will have to go back in to get it recolored after it has been healed fully. You should lay low for at least 13 days.-Shocker

What should you do when your tattoo swells itches and scales up really bad i know what the cause is its an allergic reaction to the red ink in my tattoo i just dont know what to do about it?

Go back to your tattoo artist - show him and tell him... if all else fails see a doctor

Does tattoo ink contain iodine?

go back!!!!

Where does a koi fish tattoo should go?


I got deep road rash on my tattoo and a spot healed with no ink The ink came out in scab Did some of the ink go into my body?

most probably.

Can kids go into tattoo shops?

Kids can go into the lobby, but you have to be 18 to get a tattoo so you won't be allowed to go back into the main part of the parlor.

Can you get outline of tattoo one day and get it colored in next day?

no. you must wait until the outline is healed, which is usually a couple of weeks, then go in and have the color or the shading finished.

You have had a tattoo on your lower back and now have numbness in your leg?

go to a doctor. this doesn't sound like something associated with a tattoo.

Do side tattoo return to original size the stretch while you pregnant?

ANSWER If you care for the tattoo properly during the healing process, and then care for the skin around the tattoo and the tattoo during pregnance everything should go back. Strech marks will effect how the tattoo will appear.

Will a tattoo stretch?

Yes. When I was pregnant I had a tattoo around my belly button. It got really BIG. It does go back to it's normal shape though after pregnancy.