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If penis skin is sensative and irritate when touch it then it will give hurt.Otherwise there nothing to get hurt. One person have to use lubrication before sexual intercourse to make it more easyer.

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Q: Will your penis hurt inside a vagina?
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Does the penis have to touch the vagina directly?

It doesn't have to, but the majority of sex involves the penis inside the vagina.

How do you know the sperm is inside the vagina?

Most likely if a man's penis has been in or around a vagina there is sperm inside.

What is a penis ment for?

Honestly... A penis is ment to be stuck inside if a vagina!! what else can you use it for?

How can I know a woman is a virgin?

One thing for sure when you touch the vagina of woman then the liquid will burst out and also when she still hurt when you put your penis inside her.

What if your penis is to big for the vagina?

Its ok. You can still have sex. You can force the penis inside the vagina coz th vagina is an elastical part of the body. adndin the uterus the baby can fit what are the penis, sure thing it will also.

Where Does A Boys Penis Go During Sex?

Inside the girl's vagina.

What is difference between msi and exe file?

The exe is a penis and the msi is a penis wrapped if you will inside a vagina.

How can a female to male transgender have a penis?

It's a penis implant put inside the tissue from the vagina and vulva.

Is a penis inside a vagina feels good?

yes when i have my penis in a vagina it feels great car'tn say what it is like for my partner but i think it is feels good for her too

If your penis is 12 inches long with a width of six inches how can you fit inside a woman's vagina?

First, get it wet and slowly ( don't hurt her) get it inside instead of shoving your penis hard to get an orgasm, and then the woman's hole will probably get wider for your size, well in time it will.

How do you pregnant girl?

Place your penis inside of her vagina and inject all the sperm you can.

How does a sperm get to a lady?

They have sex. The man puts his penis inside the woman's vagina and ejaculates his semen inside of her.

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