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If penis skin is sensative and irritate when touch it then it will give hurt.Otherwise there nothing to get hurt. One person have to use lubrication before sexual intercourse to make it more easyer.

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Q: Will your penis hurt inside a vagina?
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Does it hurt to put a penis into a girls private?

No. There is nothing inside a vagina that can hurt him.

Can a man with a 3-inch penis pleasure a woman?

yes,The sensation in vagina only 2 inch inside. even long penis may hurt the vagina.

What if a penis is to big for a vagina?

From a womens point of view it HURTS.

Why can't the penis get inside the vagina?

it can

What causes the inside of the vagina to hurt like there was a wound inside you when you are having intercourse?

stupid male partner, or the presence of dildo instead of a penis

What is penetration?

In sex it is where a penis enters the vagina or anuspenetration is when a man inserts his penis inside a womans vagina.

How do you have sexx?

if you are a girl you have a guy stick his penis inside your vagina and if you are a guy then get a girl and stick your penis inside her vagina and then go at with each other ;)

Can girl get pregnant if you masturbuate and then put your penis inside underwear for13 hour and than put your penis inside girl vagina?

No...assuming nothing else happened while your penis was inside the girl's vagina.

How much go penis inside the vagina?


How do you know the sperm is inside the vagina?

Most likely if a man's penis has been in or around a vagina there is sperm inside.

If a guy has a big penis can he hurt you?

only if you have a small vagina A penis of any average size or larger can hurt you if the operator is not paying attention.

How can I know a woman is a virgin?

One thing for sure when you touch the vagina of woman then the liquid will burst out and also when she still hurt when you put your penis inside her.

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