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No your LH surge wont be detected. Yes, actually there is a website that has pictures of none other than pee sticks...and many of them dictate that they picked up an LH surge on opks when infact they were pregnant. Another website that you could try would be Hope this helps!!

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2006-12-03 21:22:31
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Q: Will your lh surge be detected if you were pregnant?
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What happens when the level of LH is high?

When your body has an LH surge, you are ovulating and may become pregnant.

Can you not have a lh surge but have an estrogen surge?


What does it mean if you have detected a LH surge on a home ovulation kit but your Basal Body Temperature does not change to show a progesterone increase?

if LH is up you are ovulating and progesterone should lower down.

Hormone responsible for ovulation?

LH surge.

Why is conceiving the second time harder we got pregnant on our fifteen month old son first attempt and now its fourth month and still not pregnant. used an ovulation kit and detected LH surge.?

Like you, I conceived my first baby in the first month of trying, and although it only took 4 months to conceive the second time around for me, I know it is frustrating when you expect to conceive in the first month. Like you, I started thinking maybe something was wrong but remember that most women trying for a baby will fall pregnant within a year of trying and if you have detected an LH surge then at least you know you are ovulating. Just keep trying and it will happen!

A sudden surge in lh concentration causes?

a surge of testosterone in males and it causes ovulation in females.

When does the ova mature?

Human oocytes mature immediately after the surge of LH which occurs at ovulation. The surge of LH causes maturation of the oocyte which is the completion of the first division of meiosis.

Is LH produced in contraceptive pills?

The morning after pill disrupts the LH surge. That's part of how it works. The morning after pill does not contain LH.

What does 4 days of LH surge mean?

4 days of LH surge is a POSSIBILITY that you are pregnant. Its not for certain but because HCG and LH hormones are so closely related it can show up positive with you being pregnant but the only way to know for sure is to wait about 4 weeks. The placenta starts to form around then and the HCG increases. Thats a better time to test and if you are go to the doctor to be positive and make sure you get a blood test done.

Ovulation occurs due to a surge in?

LH - leuteinizing hormone

Can you gets pregnant two days before you ovulate?

No. Pregnancy occurs during or immediately after ovulation, which usually happens within 24-36 hours after your LH surge. Ovulation test kits sense this LH surge, and peak fertility occurs a day or two after your first positive ovulation test.

Why does the surge protectors circuit breaker trip if a surge or overload is detected?

That is what the device is designed to do. The surge protector's circuit breaker will trip if a surge or overload is detected to protect the given equipment in question.

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