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Yes unfortunately the test will still show positive as you will still have some pregnancy hormone levels in your body.

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Q: Will the pregnancy test still show positive if I'm going through a miscarriage?
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If you have a miscarriage but are not sure can you take a pregnancy test and it come up positive because the hormones are still in the body?

Yes, the hCG can remain in the body for up to six weeks after a miscarriage. The tests done by a doctor can show if the level is rising or not. If everything is OK, the levels will be going up.

Does your stomach stay hard while going through a miscarriage?

yes. i have had a miscarriage and my stomach has stayed hard.

How does menopause affect pregnancy test accuracy?

Menopause can give you a false positive with all of the hormone changes your body is going through.

Can you still show pregnant on a test if you have a miscarriage?

Yes it will show positive until the hormones have settled. After a miscarriage it takes time until they change from being set on pregnant.

What should you eat after miscarriage?

After a miscarriage i am sure that you can eat normal foods, Just eat like you where before pregnancy or just eat what you want to eat nothings going to change :):) im sorry to hear that you have had a miscarriage :(:(

Can a pregnancy test detect if you are 3 days' pregnant?

If the miscarriage was recent, yes, probably. I took a pregnancy test on the day I started bleeding from my miscarriage and it was positive. The ER docs said that only conformed the presence of pregnancy hormones, not whether it was a viable pregnancy. However, my midwife took blood a week later and advised me to take another pregnancy test at the end of the month to confirm my pregnancy hormones were going away. She said if the test was positive in a month, and I was sure I wasn't pregnant again, to come back in and make sure there wasn't something additionally wrong, a thing called a molar pregnancy. if its an early miscarriage there may be no hormones left after a week of bleeding and it will come back negative.

Can four birth control pills make you have a miscarriage?

Once a pregnancy is established, no. The pills can only prevent pregnancy ( though they are not 100% effective) if given the time to saturate your bloodstream and taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Taking the pills, if you haven't been taking them to prevent pregnancy, will not cause a miscarriage. I suggest going to a doctor.

Is it possible to experience different pregnancy symptoms with a new pregnancy if you've had a miscarriage?

With every pregnancy it's most likely going to be different. There might be a lot in common but expect some differences too.

How can you make a pregnancy test come out positive?

Why would you want too??!?! You are going to HAVE to be pregnant!!

I had a miscarriage 4wks 2 days ago i havent started my period yet. I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. could i still be pregnant or is this normal after a miscarriage?

all i am going to say is go to the hospital please

How do you prevent a miscarriage?

Sorry, unfortunately there isn't any why to stop an miscarriage from happening.Usually there are no known reasons for a miscarriage. Sometimes nature's way of ending a pregnancy that was going wrong. A healthy diet for both you and your partner may help you achieve a successful pregnancy. This would include stopping smoking, reducing your alcohol intake and participating in regular excercise. FOLIC ACID suppliments before pregnancy up to the 12th week of pregnancy may also help . You can discuss all this with your doctor or pharmacist

Is it OK to travel going through a miscarriage?

No. It is not advisable to travel during the process of a miscarriage. There are complications which may require medical attention, especially the risk of excessive bleeding.