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Even one 'toke' of 'pot' may be detected up 30 days

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Q: Will one toke of pot test positive on UA?
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Does Acetaminophen test positive for pot?

Acetaminophen and aspirin are the only two OTC pain relievers I know of that do NOT test positive for pot.

Did cheech smoke pot?

Of course Cheech smoked pot Toke on bro.

Will taking coumadin and phenergan give a positive drug screen for pot?

No, taking coumadin and phenergan will not test positive for pot.

What should i do to test positive on a urine test for consuming marijuana?

smoke pot

What can cause a false positive for a marijuana drug test if you have not used pot?

Using someone else's urine, who has used pot, for the drug test would give a false positive.

Can smoking pot give you a false positive on a pregnancy test?

No it can not.

What would cause a urine drug test to show positive for pot other the the actual drug?

no. urine tests test for THC the chemical in pot that gets you high so the only way to test positive fore pot is to ingest THC in some way, weather smoking it or eating or ect.

Will urine test for pot still be positive after 60days?

No because the THC is out of your system

Using kids urine to pass pot urine test? a felony. Testing positive for pot is a misdemeanor. Do the math, genius.

Is there OPIATES in pot?

does hydrocodone show positive on a pot drug test Only if your pot was laced with opiates. If not, no. Marijuana does not naturally contain opiates.

What food makes a positive pot test?

Anything that was baked or cooked with THC, example; "hash brownies"

Can you test positive being in room where someone smokes pot?

Yes, it's basically second hand smoke.