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It can, but only if you have never had one before.

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Q: Will one beer hurt you in any way or form?
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Will one beer hurt someone in any way shape or form?

Generally speaking one beer would not hurt a person, in fact there is evidence that drinking small quantities of alcohol is actually beneficial in that drinkers have lower stress levels than none drinkers. Of course there are always exceptions and one drink would be harmful for an abstaining alcoholic or for some people on certain medications.

Will one beer and a pain killer hurt you?

One beer and a pain killer certainly does have the potential to kill you. While it likely will not you are advised not to take these substances together.

What wine should you drink for your health?

Any wine consumed in moderation is beneficial to the health of anyone for whom drinking is contraindicated for any reason. The same is true of beer and liquor. There is no scientific evidence that any one form of alcohol (beer, wine or spirits) confers greater health benefits than any other.

Which is better wine or beer for health?

Wine is sugary and can hurt your teeth and beer can make people bloat. Either way, they can both hurt your insides if you binge it too much but wine IS stronger than beer. For every 15 beers is the same drunk as one glass of wine. So it really depends on how much you drink and how strong it is.

Is there any sodium in root beer?

Yes. Root Beer (*Mug's [the dog one]) has 67mg Sodium per can.

Why would any one want flat beer?

Some people don't like the carbonation. And flat beer still has alcohol in it.

If you drink one beer out of a case how many do you have left?

It depends. One case of beer contains 24 bottles/cans (330ml) or 12 bottles (1 liter). In any case, 23 bottles or 11 bottles would be left if one beer is taken out of the beer case, respectively.

Is this statement grammatically correct we had 4 beer?

The sentence, 'We had four beer.' has only one problem, four is more than one but beer is a non-count noun. The plural form of the noun, 'beers', is used for types of or kinds if beer. The plural form can be used if the sentence is changed to: We had four different beers. We had a variety of four beers. We tasted four beers. Multiples of individual units would be expressed as, 'We had four cans of beer.', ...bottles of beer, or ...glasses of beer. Since the sentence doesn't specify the form, perhaps it was ... pitchers of beer and you prefer to keep it vague. 'We had four beer.' is incorrect. 'We had four beers.' is correct if you mean four different beers. 'We had four beers.' in casual conversation when you mean four bottles or four glasses is not a problem if you don't forget to use the correct form in more formal circumstances or in writing.

Carling is a brand of beer owned by which company?

Carling is a type of beer that is presently owned by Molson Coors brewing company, and has since 1911, in one form or another. Thomas Carlson began to produce beer in 1818.

What are four sentences for the word beer?

Yeast helps beer ferment.Children should never drink beer.Beer is one form of liquor.Beer is sold from the tap or in cases or kegs from distributors.

Can fireworks hurt turtles?

If you shoot one at him or light one next to him yes. fireworks will hurt any living organizm if it comes in contact with it.

Where can one purchase a beer bottle opener?

One can purchase a beer bottle opener at physical stores such as Walmart, Kmart, and Target, and at any store that sells liquor. Beer bottle openers can also be purchased at online sites such as Amazon and eBay.